Can Saniton’s New Interlocking Bottle Help the Planet?

The plastic bottle has been around for decades, remaining mostly unchanged. The low cost of production coupled with the low cost of materials has led to an ever increasing number of plastic bottles in the world. The transportation of these bottles clogs our ports and highways with trucks and containers of all the beverages and products we love. This movement causes an astounding amount of carbon emissions. Globally, recycling programs have led to a reduction of waste from the plastic industry. Unfortunately, the burden of carbon emissions still remains. 

The worldwide plastic bottle industry contributes to 40% of global transport emissions and 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, statistics that are directly attributed to the transportation of bottled goods. The bottling industry, as opposed to the logistics industry, has been able to make much headway in this area. So the question is: Can a new bottle design really reduce carbon emissions? 

The short answer is yes. Saniton Plastic LLC (“Saniton Plastic”) innovated an interlocking plastic bottle that is designed to do just that. Alaa Hattab, owner and founder, says: “We are launching the world’s first interlocking plastic bottle, which can help reduce the environmental and logistical impact of shipping liquids by up to 35% around the world.” 

It will take an incredible amount of human ingenuity to maximize as much shipping space as possible, and Saniton Plastic would like to contribute to this progress by revolutionizing the plastic bottle. “When we shop at the grocery store, we are accustomed to picking up our juice, soap, and other liquids in circular bottles without thinking of the impact they make on the environment,” says Saniton Plastic. “We pick up a plastic bottle at the store and move on to the next item on our list. That one bottle of water or soda came from a shipment of hundreds of plastic bottles packed into cases, then pallets, then added to a stack of pallets.”

Saniton Plastic proposes we rethink the shipping industry with their new design. Not only will more bottles fit on a pallet, but more pallets can be stacked securely without damaging the product underneath. The combined impact can help lower carbon emissions from the logistical industry by up to 35%.

As Saniton Plastic introduces its interlocking plastic bottle to companies around the world, it remains focused on creating more solutions for carbon emissions from logistics. “We would like to utilize the interlocking feature to reduce the use of shrink wrap and cartons as well as introduce aluminum and glass designs to make a greater impact.” Saniton Plastic says. “A reduction in carbon emissions is possible if we dedicate ourselves to being the innovators our planet needs.”Saniton Plastic LLC is the only plastic bottle manufacturing company in the world with patented technology used to manufacture the interlocking plastic bottle. Founded by CEO Alaa Hattab, the company is reducing the logistical costs of shipping plastic bottles worldwide and is lowering carbon emissions by up to 35%. For more information on Saniton Plastic LLC and its interlocking bottle design, please see its website.