Can OnePlus Service Centre in Gurgaon Fix OnePlus 9 Issues?

OnePlus 9, released in March 2021, is a top-spec smartphone series. The latest flagships of OnePlus – the OnePlus 9, the OnePlus 9 Pro, and the OnePlus 9R – are filled with impressive features and components, offering users the advantage of the speed and smooth performance. And you can use this device for hours without taking a charging break, as its battery has a long life. You will definitely enjoy tons of benefits while using the OnePlus 9 series smartphone, but this does not mean that you will never experience an issue. Some users already have a list of complaints about it. You do not have to worry if you have encountered common issues such as a dying battery, cracked screen, faulty camera function, and Wi-Fi not working. They can be easily and quickly solved by a OnePlus service centre Gurgaon residents can visit it with their device and get the problem fixed effectively.

Overheating and abnormal battery drain issues

Some OnePlus 9 Pro users who had bought the handset soon after its release had complained that they were experiencing overheating issues when using the camera app. They were seeing these messages on their new OnePlus smartphone screen, “The temperature of your device is currently too high, please pause shooting for a while to bring it down,” and “Unable to take pictures as the phone’s temperature is too high.”

Accidental damage of a part, or an aging component, was not the culprit. The heating problem was due to a manufacturing error, and the company solved it by releasing an updated version of OxygenOS,, in April in India. Updates are not always a harbinger of good news, as some users of the OnePlus 9R might have realised. They were hit by the abnormal battery drain issue following the release of updates for the OnePlus 9R. In June, OnePlus released OxygenOS Hotfix update to fix the battery drain problem.

Updates cannot fix accidental damages

Updates, however, cannot fix the OnePlus 9 smartphone that you have accidentally damaged. If you spill liquid on it or drop it in a swimming pool or drop it from a height, its part(s) might get damaged. You will have to take the help of experienced OnePlus repair professionals to get the damaged component(s) repaired or replaced.

For a reliable and safe OnePlus Service CentreGurgaon residents do not need to travel to Delhi. The city, the second-biggest technology hub in India, has many reputable service centres for OnePlus repair.    

Visit a centre that can efficiently handle OnePlus 9 series smartphones 

OnePlus 9 series smartphones are new entrants, and hence, it is likely that not all service centres will have the know-how to repair their damaged parts. Visit the one that a strong positive reputation for fixing OnePlus devices right the first time and offers a warranty on its repairs. Before visiting it, do read what other customers are saying about its service. You can use the keyword “OnePlus service centre, Gurgaon” to get the address and contact information of a centre. 

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