Can My Employer Require A Drug Test From Me? Can I Be Fired If I Refuse?

Testing you may be done for specific purposes, if it has to be of the term to consider your position then you have to act and get in the right direction so you won’t be fired just due to refusal for not willing to go for it and settle your work into disarray. 

It’s better you go legal to consider aid from wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles to dismiss the conspiracy going against you and let you get your position back by strong legal terms. 

However, if it is planned due to you belonging to a specific community, gender or color then it may be part of a plan to remove you from being discriminated and if it has taken place to do so, then it’s better to consider legal aids from Racial discrimination attorneys Los Angeles to consider your position, to let you get things back and also remove drug conspiracy going on in your workplace to set things on legal terms. 

Before you consider the ways by which your employer can fire you in concerns  to drug test there are a few things to consider to generally cover it  and they may include: 

●           Reasons your boss asked you to test 

●           Any chemical conspiracy going against you 

●           Drug activity that is common close to your workplace 

●           Elemental mistakes not to do in relation to drugs 

And these are a few things which you need to consider so it may help you better later to cover such trends and settle things perfectly in legal terms by smart decisions. 

Depends on urgency 

The first thing to know is the reason for which your boss or employer is asking to have a drug test, if there any urgency, any reports on secret drug use in office and it is urgent, then you should agree to od do it or in such concerns, there may be a concern in relation to your work activities. 

The specific case of testing 

However there may be a certain plan that may be going against you, to prove you guilty which is not acceptable and if it is a specific reason only asking you to go about, then it’s better you do not do it or in the process, you may be proved positive and also be dismissed from your position, so it has to be a specific concern in another case. 

Refusal doesn’t mean dismissal 

In legal terms, it is a very clear thought even for those who practice law to defend that refusing to have a test doesn’t mean that boss can use at will perception, can ask you to drop out or dismiss you from the position, so if it happens then you do have the option to choose the legal strategies and work things out on basis of personal resolution. 

The process of legal action may also have to go with the evidence, you have to collect ways that show drug test is planned to acquire your place, to remove you from office and boss is also involved with such activities so it may help to smart out the tendencies and cover out elements that can help you to take legal action and work them in your favor at court. 


Refusing to take a test is not going to help your boss if you have been dismissed by your employer and if it has been done on purpose then you can take help from Charlotte workers compensation lawyers to look after your case, to defend you from such charges and get your position legally back. 

However if it is done due to you belonging to a specific cast, color, or race and there is discrimination involved, then you can ask to have legal aid from Racial discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles to go for trial, to cover things up, and defend you well to get your job back by smart legal trial working in your technical favor…