Can I Wear Non-Marking Shoes for Squash?

Squash is an intense indoor sport that demands quick movements as well as sudden stops. For squash to be played it is necessary to be equipped with the proper equipment, which includes balls, a racquet, and of course, shoes. 

Shoes for squash are made to give you the best control on courts, protect against injuries and maintain security on the court. The most frequently asked queries asked by squash players is whether non-marking sneakers are appropriate for playing squash. In this article, we’ll look into the solution to this question in depth. 

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What Is Non-Marking Footwear?

Non-marking shoes are created to avoid leaving marks on the court’s surface specifically on polished and wood floors. They usually consist of rubber compounds with softer properties that tend to not leave marks of scuffs. Shoes that are non-marking are typically employed in indoor sports, such as volleyball, badminton, and basketball in which courts are susceptible to being damaged.

Why Are Squash Courts Required To Wear Shoes That Are Not Scuffed?

Courts for squash are typically constructed of synthetic or wood materials that can be damaged by footwear with tough or rough soles. When tennis players wear shoes that have hard soles, they leave marks on the surface that is difficult to clean which results in a decline in the durability of the court. Additionally, the marks could make players slide off or lose grip, increasing the chance of injury.

Do Non-Marking Footwear Work To Play Squash?

Non-marking shoes can be used for squash. It is however crucial to remember the fact that not every pair of non-marking footwear can be used for squash. Shoes for squash are specifically made for squash and offer maximum support and grip that is essential for squash. Shoes that are not marked, in contrast, are made for other sports, and might not offer the grip and support required for squash.

What Should You Consider When Selecting Non-Marking Squash Shoes?

If you’re thinking of using non-marking footwear for squash there are some things to consider:

  • Grip: The primary element to think about when picking squash shoes that are not marked is grip. Find shoes with a sole made of rubber which provides good control over the surface of your court. The sole should be flexible enough to offer maximum traction, yet not too soft that it hinders support.
  • Support: Squash is characterized by lots of lateral moves and abrupt stops, which could put stress on your ankles and feet. Choose shoes that offer adequate support and stability to avoid injuries.
  • Cushioning: The force of landing and jumping could cause damage to your joints. Choose shoes that feature excellent cushioning that can help absorb shock and lower the chance of injuries.
  • Fit: A proper fit is essential for every sports shoe, not just non-marking shoes for squash. It is important to ensure that your shoe fits well and gives adequate support to your feet.


In the end, non-marking footwear can be used to play squash, however, it is crucial to pick the right pair of shoes that will provide enough support, cushioning, and grip. The squash shoes are designed specifically to play squash and offer the highest performance and security in the field. If you’re determined to play squash, you should invest in a high-quality set of squash footwear to increase your performance and reduce injuries.

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