Can I use my passport photo for an Indian visa?


Do you want a photograph for an Indian Visa application? Indeed, a wide range of Indian Visa applications recorded online require a face photo. Independent of the motivation behind the visit, business, clinical, vacationer, or meeting, a face photo is a compulsory prerequisite for all Indian Visas filled on the web.

India eVisa Photo Requirements

Every one of the subtleties and data that you want to be aware of the photo prerequisites, and photo particulars for Indian eVisa, for Tourism, Business, and India Medical Visa Categories is accessible here.

Indian Visa Photo Requirements

The e-Visa for India can be acquired effectively assuming you meet all the qualification conditions and archive necessities set out by the Indian Government for the equivalent. Indian Visa Photo Requirements One of the reports expected to be submitted in the application is a sensitive copy of a visa-style photograph of the visitor’s face. This face photo of the guest is expected in the utilization of all Indian e-Visas, regardless of whether you are applying for the Tourist e-Visa for India, the Business e-Visa for India, the Medical e-Visa for India, or the Medical Attendant e-Visa for India, every one of them expects you to transfer an identification style photograph of your face while applying for them on the web. This guide will assist you with sorting out every one of the India Visa photograph necessities. Indian Visa Photo Requirements When you know all the Indian Visa photograph prerequisites you can undoubtedly apply for the Indian e-Visa on the web and that too without visiting the nearby Indian Embassy in your nation to secure the Indian e-Visa.

How to take a face photo to meet the India Visa photograph prerequisites?

Visitors applying for the Indian Visa Application Photo Requirements of their face which can be clicked with a phone. There is a compelling reason need to go to an expert photographic artist to get it clicked which would have been important had the application cycle not been on the web and had the visitor been applying for the standard paper Visa. Yet, for e-Visa, you can simply transfer a photograph tapped on a telephone as long as it meets the Indian Visa photograph prerequisites. Nonetheless, you can’t click a photograph of or check the photo that is there on your ongoing visa. You need to transfer a different visa-style photograph of your face.

India Visa Photo Requirements – Complete Guide

  1. Significant: A photo or sweep of the photograph of your ongoing visa won’t be acknowledged
  2. The photo that you accommodate your India Visa Application ought to be clear.
  3. The photo tone quality ought to be consistent for your face photo supporting your application
  4. India Visa Application began online expects that you give a photograph of your full face
  5. The perspective all over for the India Visa Application ought to be the front-facing face, not a skewed side posture
  6. You ought to keep your eyes open and not half closed for the Indian Visa application on the web (eVisa India)
  7. Your Photo ought to have an unmistakable head, your full head till the lower part of your jaw ought to be noticeable in your photo
  8. Your head ought to be focused inside the casing for your Indian Visa Application on the web


In the event that you meet these Indian Visa photograph necessities, and meet other qualification conditions as well as have the other required reports then effectively apply for the Indian Visa whose India Visa Application Form is very basic and clear. You shouldn’t track down any challenges in applying for and getting an Indian Visa. If, notwithstanding, you feel a little unsure about the India Visa photograph prerequisites or the India Visa identification photograph size and need any assistance with the equivalent or require some other explanations you should India e Visa Help Desk for help and direction.


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