Can I track a cell phone with just a number for free?

Following are the ways through which you can track your phone for free:

Track each other with permission

How handy it is if you can estimate what time your friends will come to you. In addition, you can use a tracking app to check where, for example, your children are. Below we have listed the three simplest live tracking apps.

Find My Friends (Apple)

This standard Apple app is only available on Apple devices. With the app you can see live where your friends are. You can choose to share your location permanently, but also for a certain period of time. In addition, the app has a handy feature. It is possible to turn on a notification when a friend’s location changes. This is ideal if you want to know when someone is leaving to pick you up, for example.

Tracking via WhatsApp

With WhatsApp it is possible to share your current location, but also your real-time location. However, it is only possible to share this for a certain time, with a maximum of 8 hours. With a click on the plus icon you can choose to share the location. Check out the way to find my phone location by number.

Tracking via Google Maps

The Google Maps app is most commonly used to navigate from A to B. In addition, it is possible to share your real-time location. This is possible for a certain period of time, up to 3 days. In addition, it can also run indefinitely until you turn it off. A handy extra feature of Google Maps is that you can see the battery status of the sender. This way you can find out why your friend might stop responding.

Track your child’s phone

It can of course be very reassuring to know where your child is. This is possible with the above apps, but also with the Family Link app. This app was developed by Google, which makes it possible to give your child digital house rules. This includes setting maximum screen time, managing your child’s apps, but also tracing your child’s location.

Track your mobile to within 2 meters

Phones are getting more accurate with forwarding locations. The exact location can be determined fairly well based on GPS. With the above apps, this is possible to an accuracy of up to 2 meters. In addition, it is possible to trace devices based on Bluetooth. More and more Bluetooth trackers are being designed for this, such as the Smart Tag from Samsung and the AirTag from Apple.

Samsung SmartTag

The Samsung SmartTag is a small device that you can attach to, for example, your key ring. You can easily connect the small device to your Samsung smartphone, after which you can immediately track all your belongings. For example, have you lost your keyring? Then you can easily find this. The advantage of the SmartTag is the reverse function, where you can find your phone by clicking on the button of the SmartTag.


Nishi Singh is a professional journalist and editor in New Delhi. She has studied Mass Communication from National Institute of Mass Communication.