Leasing a car is a popular option for people who don’t want to commit to owning a vehicle long-term or don’t have the means to buy one outright. But what happens if you decide you want to sell your leased car before the end of the lease term?

Can you do it? In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of selling a leased car.

The short answer is yes, you can sell a leased car, but it’s not as simple as selling a car you own outright.

 When you lease a car, you’re essentially renting it from the dealership for a set period of time, usually two to four years.

 During that time, you’re responsible for making monthly lease payments and keeping the car in good condition.

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Buy the car outright and then sell it:

This is the most straightforward option, but it can also be the most expensive. When you lease a car, you agree to a set buyout price at the end of the lease term.

 If you want to sell the car before then, you’ll need to pay that buyout price to the dealership first.

Once you own the car outright, you can then sell it to a private party or trade it in at a dealership.

Transfer the lease:

Some leases allow you to transfer the lease to another person. Essentially, you find someone who is willing to take over the remaining lease payments and return the car to the dealership at the end of the lease term.

 Keep in mind that not all leases allow transfers, and there may be fees involved.

Sell the car to the dealership:

 If you’re not able to find a buyer for your leased car, you can always sell it back to the dealership.

This is called a lease buyout, and the dealership will pay you the car’s current market value minus any fees and charges.

 Keep in mind that the buyout price may be higher than the car’s actual value, so you may end up losing money.


  1. First, it’s important to understand that when you lease a car, you don’t actually own it. Instead, you’re essentially renting it for a predetermined period of time, usually two to three years. This means that you’ll need to abide by the terms of your lease agreement if you want to sell the car before the lease is up.
  2. One of the key things to consider is whether you have equity in the car. Equity refers to the difference between the car’s current value and the amount you owe on it. If you have equity, you may be able to sell the car for more than you owe on it, which means you could pocket some cash from the sale. However, if you owe more on the car than it’s worth, you’ll be upside-down on the loan and may need to come up with additional funds to pay off the difference.
  3. Another important factor to consider is the lease agreement itself. Most lease agreements include a section on early termination, which outlines the fees and penalties you’ll need to pay if you decide to end the lease early. These fees can be quite substantial, so it’s important to read your lease agreement carefully and understand what you’re getting into before you try to sell the car.
  4. Assuming you’re clear on the financial implications of selling your leased car, the next step is to find a buyer. You can certainly try to sell the car yourself, but this can be a bit tricky since you don’t actually own the car. You’ll need to work with the leasing company to transfer the lease to the new owner, which can involve some paperwork and fees. Alternatively, you can try to sell the car back to the dealership where you leased it, but you’ll likely get less money for it than if you sold it privately.
  5. If you do decide to sell your leased car, it’s important to make sure you’re in compliance with your lease agreement and that you understand the financial implications. the right approach, however, it’s certainly possible to sell a leased car and move on to something new.


It’s important to note that selling a leased car can be more complicated than selling a car you own outright.

There may be fees involved, and you’ll need to work closely with the dealership to ensure everything is done properly.

It’s always a good idea to read your lease agreement carefully and talk to the dealership before making any decisions.

In conclusion, yes, you can sell a leased car, but it’s not always the best option. If you’re thinking about selling your leased car, be sure to explore all of your options and talk to the dealership to understand the potential costs and fees involved.