Can I Install Window Shutters on Bifold Doors?

Custom window shutters are compatible with the vast majority of openings around the home. The beauty of bespoke shutter design lies in its versatility, with the limitless range of options available to suit almost all requirements.

Bifold doors can be a standout feature in any home, but have traditionally been difficult to address with anything but conventional curtains. The tendency is to simply leave them uncovered, but doing so can create a somewhat unfinished and empty feel in the space.

Worse still, uncovered bifold doors will inevitably lead to extensive heat loss during the colder months of the year, taking a toll on the home’s energy efficiency.

It is a proven fact that shutters are the most energy efficient (and arguably the most attractive) window coverings on the market, but are they compatible with these types of doors?

Are Shutters Suitable for Bifold Doors?

The short answer is yes – window shutters are perfectly compatible with bifold doors. Not only are they compatible with bifold doors, but they can bring a world of benefits into the home at an affordable price.

Again, this is where the beauty of bespoke shutter design comes into play. All shutters designed and installed by Riverside Shutters are made-to-measure, making them suitable for even the most non-standard openings around the home. Typical off-the-shelf shutters may be difficult (or impossible) to fit to bifold doors, but our bespoke shutters can be crafted in almost any shape, size and configuration imaginable.

Manufactured and installed with pinpoint precision, it can be just as easy to dress bifold doors with shutters as any other standard windows and doors around the home.

What Are the Benefits of Window Shutters for Bifold Doors?

The immediate benefit of installing shutters over bifold doors is their beauty.  There is something undeniably elegant, sophisticated and timeless about high-quality window shutters. They have been associated with homes of distinction throughout history and are just as desirable today as they ever were.

But beyond basic aesthetics comes a long list of additional benefits, when bifold doors are covered with window shutters. Just a few examples of which are as follows:

1.     Privacy and Light Management

Left uncovered, bifold doors have the potential to represent a privacy and security risk for the home. Their large glass panels allow people outside to see directly into your property, and can make effective light control difficult.

With window shutters, the louvres can be adjusted with pinpoint precision to achieve the desired effect. You can allow natural light into the space while still obscuring the view from outdoors, or you can open/close them fully.

2.     Energy Efficiency

Some studies have shown that precision-fitted window shutters can reduce overall heat loss in any room of the home by as much as 50%. This is particularly important where larger windows and doors are concerned – particularly those with extensive glass panels, like bifold doors.

Adding window shutters to bifold doors benefits the space with an extra layer of insulation. Manufactured from durable materials, window shutters have naturally insulating properties that help maintain comfortable temperatures indoors, 365 days a year.

3.     Health and Safety

Window shutters make it much easier to maintain a safe and healthy environment indoors. Compared to conventional curtains and drapes, window shutters are much easier to keep clean and hygienic. Just a quick wipe on occasion is all it takes to keep dust, germs and allergens at bay, for the benefit of the entire household.

In addition, high-quality window shutters are comprehensively childproof and pet-proof. No curtains to pull down, no cords to get tangled up in, and no drapes for your pets or kids to tear from their bindings – all adding up to welcome peace of mind.

For more information on any of the above or to discuss the benefits of window shutters in more detail, contact a member of the team at Riverside today.

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