Can I Convert Old VHS Tapes to DVD or Digital?

There is a saying that time waits for no one. Therefore, you may be thinking about ways to convert your old VHS tapes to a digital format. For example, you may be interested in converting them to DVDs. In the past, you may have had a lot of family memories that you saved on a videotape. Now, there’s a good chance that the videotape is all but obsolete. You probably have a cabinet that is completely filled with VHS tapes. On the other hand, you may not have had a TV that can play them for decades. Furthermore, you may not have had a VCR player in a long time either. Even though it is possible for you to convert your VHS tape to a digital format, it is a good idea for you to do this as quickly as possible. You might think that you can do this yourself; however, keep in mind that if the VHS tape gets damaged, there is not going to be any way to reverse this. As a result, you need to make sure this is done properly on the first attempt. That is the reason why a lot of people have relied on professionals, such as the team for ARS Video, the help them with the conversion process.

Your VHS Tapes Degrade Steadily Over Time

As the years go on, the contents on your VHS cassette are going to start to degrade. For example, how old are your family memories right now? Have you had them for 10 years? Have you had them for twenty years? If that is the case, a lot of the footage has already begun to deteriorate. You don’t want this to deteriorate any further, which is why you should convert this as quickly as possible. Every 10 to 20 years, but the contents on your VHS cassette degrade by approximately 20 percent. Even the memories that you took of your grandkids are eventually going to deteriorate when they reach adulthood. As a result, if you try to play these VHS cassettes back on a TV the day, that’s what it may not look very good. There might be a lot of grime, dirt, and dust that has collected on them. Therefore, you want to protect the memories that are still present. That is why you should convert your VHS tapes to a digital format.

What You Need to Convert Your VHS Tapes

So, if you are interested in converting your VHS tapes to a digital format, what are you going to need? There are several major items you must have. The first thing you two have is a playback medium. For example, you will need a VCR or a camcorder. Of course, these are no longer manufactured. It is also going to be a significant challenge to find a new one. Even if you find a VCR, there’s a good chance that it will not work as well. You may be able to browse on an online auction and purchase one there; however, you may end up paying a premium. Therefore, instead of buying this yourself, you may want to reach out to professionals who already have them.

I need is a video converter. This is something that is going to go between your VCR and your computer. It will take the analog video signal and convert it to a digital input. That way, your computer will be able to play it through the USB port. Again, this is something that you might be able to find online. They are actually becoming pretty popular. Unfortunately, because they have gotten so popular, they have also gotten expensive. As a result, you may not want to purchase one after you are only going to use it for a few videos. That is another reason why you should rely on professionals.

After this, you will also need a software program that can convert the footage for you. This is something that can be expensive. The job of this software program is to connect to your USB port on your computer. Then, it will also connect to the audio and video outputs on your camcorder or VCR. Even though you can find something that will work well on Mac and PC, this can be expensive. You will also need to get your own S-Video cable, which can also be pricey.

Finally, you will also need something that can perform an analog video capture. What this program is going to do is take the footage that is playing on your computer and capture it so that you can review it later in a digital format. This is another package that can be expensive. Even though you might be able to find cheap versions, they are not going to work as well. You want your video to convert as well as possible. That is why you want to use the best software program.

Unfortunately, the best software programs can be expensive. Instead of having to purchase them yourself, you should hire professionals who can convert your VHS footage to a digital format for you.

Work with the Right Team

Ultimately, if you are looking for someone who can convert your VHS cassettes to buy digital format, then you should hire professionals. Before you work with a professional team, you should make sure that you are going to get the original footage back. After all, you care deeply about the original memories. You want to save them even if you have backed them up in a digital format.

If you decide to work with professionals, you can rest easy, knowing that the process is going to be done correctly on the first attempt. Furthermore, they also know how to protect your VHS cassette from harm. This can significantly reduce the chances of having your VHS cassette damaged during the conversion process. Protect your VHS footage now because it is going to degrade as the years go by.

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