Can Childcare Support The Transition To School?

Home is where your children will learn the basics and then will be promoted to the school directly – this is how the concept used to be earlier. But now, this approach has been changed, and change is, obviously, for good. Children now go to play schools where they experience fun-based learning, which later helps their development in the initial days of academic growth. 

In addition, children will already know about the expectations and social norms of the childcare homes they are going to before they go to school. In this article, we will discuss how daycares make toddlers’ journeys to school smoother than expected. So, let’s have a look into it. 

Makes the Transition Easy

Sudden exposure to the school environment from a homely atmosphere can be a bit harsh for your child. Instead, if they get the opportunity to learn through play, they will be more excited about the next anyway. Usually, children are accustomed to the routine that they follow at home. 

A sudden change to that can be very bothering to them, and they can develop anxiety. Instead, if they are already developing a habit of going to playschool or daycare, upgrading that habit to school will be easier. 

Provides Continuity Between Programme

Daycare homes try to emulate the same atmosphere as home so that the school transition won’t be challenging for the kids. As advised by the educators from Precious Cargo, a learning experience through play tools has always been an excellent contribution to a child’s social and emotional development. 

In addition, they try to create an environment that is cozy yet organized for the kid to ensure they do not get any cultural shock when they start going to school. In short, daycares significantly reduce your kid’s struggle to adapt to a new environment.

Encourage social and Emotional Competence. 

Play-based learning in daycares undoubtedly helps build up your child’s social and emotional abilities. While in daycare, your child will learn to interact with other kids and will be friends with them. 

Before the introduction to a purely academic environment, in daycare, kids will get to know some soft skills about how to get along with their peers throughout their academic careers. Here they will also learn to be interactive and cooperative with their peers, which will help their overall social and emotional growth. 

Offers School Readiness Programmes 

The best part about these daycares is they make your kids ready for the beautiful journey ahead. Daycares let the children freely explore themselves and allow their creative minds to flourish. Some early learning centers Adelaide provide a special school readiness program that helps adapt to the transition easily. Collaborative project work with fellow peers and self-help practices according to their age can be a great way to make a kid ready to accept the change in their entire environment. 

Bottom Line

As a parent, you will do the best possible for your child. So, choosing a daycare that provides all the resources mentioned above is indeed a tough job. Hence, choosing daycares like Precious Cargo will be a good call. Happy parenting!