Can automatic cash wash damage a car’s paint?

Sometimes, there comes a time when you just see your car and car help but notice that it needs washing. However, it may be tough for you to take a day off at work and spend a good time delicately cleaning your vehicle and nor do you have anyone to do it for you. Hence, you are left with only one option- automatic car wash.

An automatic car wash is a budget-friendly and suitable way to get your cars cleaned. But, are you aware of the horror stories linked with automatic car wash and how it can ruin the polish and finish of your car? How true are these claims? Is it really dangerous for your car paint?

Well, here are expert cleaning advices from professionals of car wash Edmonton:

Best way to get your car cleaned

It is essential to know that there is no single way to clean your car which ticks all the to-do list. By this, we advise that regardless of which method you choose, it will have its set of pros and cons. For example, though cleaning your car with a soft cloth and the right product is the safest way to wipe out dirt and dust from your vehicle, the method is very daunting, time consuming and costly if you do it yourself or get it done by a professional car wash service.

Similarly, an automatic car wash is easy and budget-friendly but can end up damaging your car’s paint. But in several cases, it only occurs when choosing an inexperienced car wash company that uses inferior cleaning products and has brushes which are well-maintained.

How does an automatic car wash damage your car’s paint?

An automatic car wash is a fast, simple and affordable procedure to get your car cleaned. Just a quick rinse and brush off along with a full body wash brings out a clean car in exchange for a few dollars.

But, automatic car washes have earned a bad repute. Though advanced cleaning products, techniques and better companies are available, the old method of hand car wash is still preferred by a lot of people because of the abraded paint work of cars.

  • Brushes used in automatic car wash aren’t properly maintained and their stiff texture may scratch the paint of your car.
  • Dirt in the brushes from the last wash may leave spots and stains and fail to remove the dirt and grit off your car.
  • Automatic car washes use harsh and abrasive chemicals which damage the finish of the car.


Using the right technique, cleaning products and cleaning material in automatic car wash may improve the results of the procedure. However, a lot of people prefer to choose hand car wash which is considered to be much safer, reliable and more efficient than automatic car wash.

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