Can A Herniated Disc Be Healed By A Chiropractor?

A herniated disc is a painful disease. But you do not have to worry if you have been suffering from a herniated disc. Spine University has stated that even though a herniated disc happens from a compressed nerve and causes intolerable pain in the back, herniated discs can be treated without surgery.

Every chiropractic care offers herniated disc treatment in the simplest way possible. How? We shall find that out below. We have mentioned a definition of a herniated disc and how a chiropractor helps to treat the problem below. Read the article to know if a chiropractor can heal a herniated disc or not.

What Is Herniated Disc?

Those who know nothing about herniated disc treatment might wonder if a chiropractor can help with herniated discs. The answer is yes. But first, let’s find out what herniated disc is.

One can have a herniated disc if the soft portion of the herniated disc’s nucleus enters the outer annulus. It may compress a nerve. It causes pain in the spinal cord, resulting in weakness.

Since herniated discs are related to the spinal cord, many chiropractors can help without the patient entering the operating theatre. Now, let’s see how a chiropractor can help you get rid of a herniated disc.

Help Offered By A Chiropractor To Treat a Herniated Disc

● Evaluate The Condition

Can a chiropractor fix a herniated disc? The answer is yes. But before they start treating you, evaluation of the problem is essential. Firstly, a chiropractor assesses the damage to your herniated disc. They also check if your spine is fine overall or not. They may ask you to provide them with your previous medical history.

Once you provide your medical history, they may evaluate your condition, focusing on the following things:

● Muscle loss or if your muscle strength has decreased.

● If the reflexes are normal as before.

● If you feel any weakness or numbness in the spine.

Once they evaluate the condition of your spine, they may start treating you. However, there are some conditions. The patient must not have the following things mentioned below:

● Tendency of stroke

● Cancer in spine

● Osteoporosis

● Any abnormality in bone 

If a patient has any of the conditions mentioned above, the chiropractor usually does not treat the patient and refers to another doctor. But if your X-Ray and MRI test reports are fine, consider going through a herniated disc treatment in Houston.Β 

● Flexion-distraction Technique

Whether you go to a Chiropractor in Houston or somewhere else, you are most likely to get the Flexion-distraction technique to eliminate the pain. This treatment is much less stressful and causes minimal pain in the back.

During this treatment, the doctor will tell you to lie on the chiropractic table, stretching your spinal column and back. Then the doctor will try to stimulate the disc by using a hand technique. This method helps the disc to go back to its previous position. But the flexion-distraction technique is only effective if the doctor does it only when your spine is stretched.

This technique can decrease pain faster than other techniques because it keeps the disc from the nerve.

● Pelvic Blocking

Pelvic blocking is another technique to repair the herniated disc. It would help if you lay down on the chiropractic table during the pelvic blocking technique like earlier. Once you lie still, the doctors will place some cushioned wedges under your pelvic area. These cushioned wedges help the patients change their posture, relieving the pressure on the herniated disc in the spine.

This technique helps the disc to move away from the compressed nerve and helps the patient to get over the problem.

● Anaesthesia

Sometimes Chiropractors prefer to manipulate the spine by applying anaesthesia. But they only apply it if you feel unbearable pain in the back. They can use any mild sedative or general anaesthesia to treat you.

Any chiropractor treating herniated discs in Houston or elsewhere will provide any of these three treatments. But we suggest you ask them about their techniques before consenting to the treatment.


Though herniated discs may not sound a lot sometimes, Herniated discs can cause intolerable pain in the back. The pain sometimes becomes so extreme that the patient may feel numb and weak. But if you are bearing this pain, go to a chiropractor and ask for help.