Camp glamorously and luxuriously via glamping

This blog is for all the fellow adventurers out there who, now that COVID-19 is finally subsiding are looking to go ‘back into nature’. To enjoy their time camping in beautiful spots after being in lockdown for months on end. An opportunity given thanks to the upcoming winter holidays.

I will try my best to introduce you to a relatively newer concept of camping called glamping. Even if you have already heard about it, I will try to compare it with traditional camping, so that you may see it as an option. It may, in turn, become your preference before you set out for your adventures.

What is glamping all about?

The word itself is a combination of ‘glam-’ from glamorous and ‘-ping’ from camping. This alone easily summarizes what glamping is.

Glamping basically means to camp out in an open atmosphere, but with the added benefits you’d find living in a luxurious hotel room. Being out in nature, staying in first-class decorated tree-houses or large glamorous tents ( also called yurts ) containing comfortable king-size beds, Wifi routers, baths and basically every luxury provided in a hotel room. Yes, that also includes necessities like water supply and electricity. This is a simple way to visualize how glamping would be.

If and how glamping and camping differ

To put it simply, glamping is ‘a way of’ camping; it is not a completely different thing. The concept is the same. But the difference lies in the fact that in camping, a person is out in the wilderness facing nature for what it is and genuinely enjoying it, temporarily depriving themselves of general necessities.

They are partially disconnected from the rest of the world except for the people directly around them and exploring their chosen place.

Camping is done with a simple pitched tent, set up at a place where the person can enjoy their view. Although, generally, people use sleeping bags when out to camp, comfort isn’t much of a priority for campers. Spending their time enjoying nature they are out to be in is their primary goal.

And glamping, as described above, while also being within nature, also contains luxuries that a person can enjoy. It is not that they’re missing out on anything that a camper would while also remaining connected with the world and not facing any challenges regarding basic necessities. 

Ending note

Although generally seen as the “future of camping”, there are still many who do appreciate the concept of glamping but would rather enjoy their vacations leaving behind all the luxuries, to feel as connected with nature as possible, which is traditional camping. With knowledge of both forms of camping, you too can choose which you would prefer and make arrangements suited to what you would enjoy best for your vacations.

It is also essential to do proper research and choose the right provider of services while going out glamping. Whereas for traditional camping it is entirely under your control with the preparations made, how good your experience will be.