Call center in sales: cold calls and outsourced hotline

Every business in every industry needs customers. There are many different ways to search for them, which can differ significantly from each other in terms of efficiency and cost. One of the popular methods of attracting customers is telephone sales. It can be divided into inbound customer calls and outbound telemarketing, where operators call potential customers.

To save costs, the company’s sales managers are often responsible for receiving calls and calling customers. But such an organization of labour can be expensive and ineffective for the company.

Why, in most cases, the best solution is to order these services from a professional call center?

Cold calls

The call center operator, having professional equipment and extensive experience, can call many more customers than a full-time company employee.

Call center operators are constantly trained, allowing them to communicate confidently with potential customers, handle objections competently and achieve predictable results.

You can order a customer acquisition service from a call center when necessary, for example, during a seasonal downturn. Hiring full-time employees for temporary work is not very convenient.

In addition to making cold calls, the call center can develop a unique base and scenario for the company that considers the characteristics of consumers in this business area. Moreover, in the process of work, the manager constantly monitors the effectiveness of calls and if necessary, adjustments are made to the conversation scripts.

In most cases, ordering these outsourcing services is cheaper than hiring, training and paying your employees.


Everyone understands that the hotline is the reception of calls from customers by phone. But today, in the age of high technology, the number of communication channels is constantly growing. More than a telephone number for a successful business is required. It is often more convenient for customers to ask a question in a chat or write an email.

Can the company’s sales department effectively organize the reception of all customer requests through multiple channels? Hardly!

Today in Russia, professional call centres already have the necessary equipment and the ability to process incoming calls not only by telephone calls but also through channels like e-mail; SMS; web chat; messengers and social media.

In addition, in different areas of business, various features require the reception of customer requests, for example, around the clock or on weekends, or there are many of them.

It is impossible or economically unprofitable to cope with the forces of company managers, and then it is advisable to order this service from a professional call center. The specialists of which can receive a large number of calls around the clock without forcing customers to wait in line.

In addition, they are trained to communicate with the client and can convincingly persuade them to buy this or that product.

Call Center Clients customers usually receive detailed reports on agents’ work and can listen to audio recordings of all calls.

A call center can be an effective tool in intriguing customers for your business. Call center specialists can build competent work on receiving incoming calls and making outgoing calls. But for the work of the call center to become effective and cost-effective for the company, it is necessary to clearly define the features and objectives of your business, after which the call center specialists will be able to choose the optimal work model that will help achieve the desired result.