Cabo San Lucas Vacation Rentals, Mexico

When planning on going for a vacation either with family or alone, a vacation rental is the best compares to lodging. You get to have your own space and privacy, one is allowed to cook for themselves or have their private chef, however, if you would want to have food delivered to your doorstep, it is workable depending on the rental rules. Below are the best vacation rentals in Cabo San Lucas.

Villa Del Palmar

It’s a studio with one bedroom but can hold four people and 2 children, it’s surrounding has beaches, children pools, spa, bar and restaurant, gym, it has a freezer and fridge in case you want to store something till the day you leave the place, it has a hot tub, and stove. Payment is made online via credit card or PayPal, one checks in at 3 pm and is supposed to leave at 11 am. This Cabo San Lucas vacation rental is not suitable for wheelchair users and goes for $155 per night and a refund is made on their terms and time when one booked.

Terrasol 114 Paradise

It’s a one-bedroom condo next to the beach and can accommodate 4 people, it has one bedroom. Inside the apartment is a drier, smart TV, air conditioning, and has a shared outside pool. This particular Cabo San Lucas vacation rentals do not allow pets and the beach part is private therefore, it allows only those in the hotel to access the area. It has a parking lot, and a damage deposit is required to incase of any commotion. It goes for $92 per night and no conditions on the stay period.

Quivira Condominiums

This Cabo San Lucas vacation rental resort has different rental spaces, most hold 6people in one bedroom, with 3 beds, a swimming pool which is shared, air conditioning, elevator, meat griller, and majestic view of the pacific ocean. It’s not suitable for children unless they are under close supervision. No pets are allowed in this resort because of its huge flow of tourists. It goes for $213 per night and one can only pay for a minimum of 3 nights. Once you cancel the booking, you have to wait to get a refund after several days or weeks depending on the time you booked.

Hacienda Encantada Resort Sudio 2

A magnificent resort on top of rocks with Mexican-made finishing, it has a unique view of the ocean and beautiful sunsets. It has a microwave, balcony, coffee maker, wireless internet, shared swimming pool, boat and golf available, playground and tennis, Convenient taxis Available for shoppers and leaving guests, it also has minibars and TV. In case you want to move or look at their other rentals, they offer a free ride. It goes for $115 per night and only permits people to stay more than 7 days, it has no bedroom and only accommodates 4 people. It’s child-friendly and not pet-friendly. 

Villa La Estancia

It consists of 2 bedrooms and three bathrooms, it’s next to the ocean, the rental has private and public beach outside. It can hold up to 6 people per 2 bedrooms and has air conditioning, has secure parking and internet, children friendly but not a pet, has an elevator and heated and unheated swimming pool. It’s a walk in the ocean and they need one to be at least 25 years and above to book in the resort.

Before booking any Cabo San Lucas vacation rentals, it’s important to research them beforehand. The area has nightlife, spas, bars and restaurants, Mexican cuisine, and many other enjoyable activities one can do when staying there. If you are from another country, it is important to look for a tour guide either from the rental you booked or you tag along with a friend, these are to avoid being lost or being robbed, most resorts offer city tours and tour guides to tourists who need assistance in the new city. Some even hire bodyguards if they are unsure of the environment they are in. Be sure also to check out the security of the rental you choose, at times guests complain of their things missing, research on the internet or, ask friends the best place to go on a vacation.