CA is Tough, Aren’t you?

Chartered Accountancy is one of the most popular professional courses pursued by students from different parts of India and abroad. Not only students are passionate about CA, but they are also equally equipped with the exceptional willpower to never give up on clearing the Chartered Accountancy examinations. Preparation for CA requires a lot of hard work and consistency. A large number of students appear for CA exams after taking coaching and training, but only a few manage to crack it. CA is tough, aren’t you? Well, your toughness and firm determination should be more than Chartered Accountancy (CA) examinations, in fact, any examination.

It is the dream of every student to crack the CA examination. And, a dream does not become reality through magic. It takes determination, persistence, sweat, and of course a lot of hard work. There are some students who just only dream and then there are those, who nurture their dream and give their one hundred and ten percent for the fulfillment of their dream. These students leave no stone unturned for making their dream a reality and hence clear CA exams with flying colours.

If a student is accountable and committed to himself, then cracking the CA examination is simple and easy. It is not rocket science if you have your basics and time schedule sorted for your exam preparation. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities. As stated earlier, you need to be loyal and answerable to yourself while preparing for the CA examinations.

Preparation Strategy for CA Exams

The first and the most crucial part while preparing for the examination, is PLANNING. Planning for the CA exam preparation includes the right set of rules and regulations and sticking to the plan till the very end paves a way to the road of success. Make a proper time table and dedicate specific hours for particular subjects like Principles and Practice of Accounting, Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Statistics, Business Economics and Commercial Knowledge, Accounting and Advanced Accounting, Cost and Management Accounting, Auditing and Assurance, Cost and Management Accounting, Strategic  Financial Management, Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation, Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation, Indirect Tax Laws, etc when preparing for a different level of CA exams. Apart from that, make sure that you are also spending enough time on solving Previous Year Question Papers, Revision Test Papers, Mock Test Papers, and sample papers.

Always keep in mind the 3 P’s during your preparation journey; Practice, Perseverance, and Practice. If you become a practitioner of these 3 P’s, you will definitely achieve what you have desired. Hard work, consistency, dedication, and diligence are a few of the words which should be synonymous with your CA exam preparation.

Studying daily is extremely important when preparing for CA exams, but so is revision. Revision on a daily basis helps you to remember topics you have studied and eventually helps in reducing exam anxiety. However, the revision should be systematic and not haphazard. Without proper and efficient revision, the entire study effort goes to waste. So, make revision a part of your daily study schedule.

Another important thing which you should give up or compromise during your preparation is your social life. You should maintain a reasonable distance, though for some time, with your friends/colleagues, at functions or social gatherings, in order to avoid being getting distracted.

Make the optimum use of your time each and every day. Be more curious, energetic and always strive to learn more by asking questions to your mentors. Make sure you have a thorough understanding of the basics. You can also take the help of e-learning apps for your exam preparation,  watch YouTube videos of renowned CA faculty like CA Parveen Jindal, CA Pankaj Garg, CA Arvind Tuli, CA Sankalp Kanstiya, CA R.K Mehta, CA Raj Kumar, CA Nitin Goel, etc to get a better understanding of various CA subjects. Videos on Strategic financial management, CA Intermediate Group Corporate and Other Laws, Cost and Management Accounting, Taxation, and various other related videos will be of great benefit and will make you more confident for CA exams.  


Consider cracking CA examination as a rewarding challenge and an opportunity to explore your true potential. Trust us, stepping out of your comfort and the cozy zone will not only make you confident but will also make you a more trustworthy and credible person eventually.

Always remember, good things take time.

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