Buying New Fuel Wheels? Here’s Why You Should Trust AudioCityUSA!

There are very few major names in the aftermarket rims market that evokes as much awe and love as Fuel Wheels. There are several reasons to explain that and we will take you through them as you scroll down.

One major problem while shopping for Fuel rims is that it is a company that has very few retail outlets. Many other comparable brands have a larger number of either company-owned or third-party retailers. It’s true for Fuel as well, but the numbers of these outlets are not very impressive.

The question is: when you decide to procure a set of new off road wheels from Fuel (or from some other equally awesome brand), where do you go?

Try out AudioCityUSA, one of California’s (and probably one of the country’s) oldest retail outlets of splendid custom wheels besides a lot of other stuff including tires, steps & boards, and lift kits. They have been active for more than 30 years!

Recently, AudioCityUSA moved to a brand-new showroom which has the latest technology to make your purchase experience a much more pleasurable one.

While the old premises in Le Puente had its own fan base, the new showroom on Telegraph Road in Santa Fe Springs is bigger, can accommodate more people simultaneously, and also has a robotic inventory management system that you need to experience at least once!

If you are fond of Fuel Wheels and their off-road wonders, this is the retail outlet you must visit at least once!

Why should I buy Fuel Wheels? 

Most off-road enthusiasts have vastly different views on the biggest brands of off-road wheels. You will find that some of them are die-hard fans of American Racing Wheels, some adore Enkei rims, and some swear by Moto Metal or Vision wheels.

Of course, Fuel rims entered the market a bit later when compared to other major brands. It was only in 2008 that its parent company, MHT Luxury Alloys, decided to foray into the crowded market of off-road equipment.

The new entity was named Fuel Wheels. Since then, the brand has consistently been rated as one of the most reliable ones for several reasons. 

Here are some of them:

  1. Superior engineering: Fuel leads the market on various parameters when it comes to technology. It has been active in high-end R&D and ensures every year that only the best models hit the shelves across the country.

Some of the best off-road wheels with concave profiles are manufactured by Fuel. They are manufactured using avionics-grade 2024-T6 aluminum alloy, widely hailed as one of the best materials for forging high-grade off-road rims.

  1. Head-turning looks: This is certainly one of the biggest advantages that Fuel has. The brand knows its target audience very well and regularly keeps a tab on the latest trends that are making waves. 

It’s one of the many reasons why Fuel Wheels are one of the biggest names in the market. Their models are available in several different sizes and are designed to take up the style component a few notches up, regardless of the vehicle you are driving!

Their models for UTVs lead the segment as well. These models are designed to conquer any surface that suits your fancy.

  1. Suited for heavier loads without any compromise: Another edge these fantastic rims have other most of their off-road competitors is their low weight. Lightweight rims have recently been in high demand for several reasons, the principal one being that they help reduce fuel consumption and ensure you save money each time.

Despite their low weight, Fuel off-road rims have been constructed keeping in mind the rigors of off-road adventures. These rims usually have load ratings between 2,500 and 3,500 (per unit) and can make off-roading look easy. That’s really saying a lot!

Besides, you are doing your bit to save our planet by burning less fuel when you purchase a set of Fuel rims!

How can AudioCityUSA help me?

Besides the wide variety of models, you will find here, Audio City USA is currently offering discounts of up to 50% on select models of Fuel rims

What’s more, if you order a set online, you can avail of free shipping across the entire Continental United States!

If you buy a set of Fuel Wheels and tires together, you get a complete TPMS setup worth $150 free of cost!

AudioCityUSA has developed a reputation as a retailer that does not compromise on quality. That will soon become obvious once you step inside the spanking new showroom in Santa Fe springs; all models are chosen carefully by their experts from the latest launches and undergo a series of quick but efficient quality control programs that are there for one principal reason: ensuring clients get only original off-road wheels!

If you are uncertain about the model that’s best for your vehicle, feel free to speak with the customer care executives. 

Try and visit our new showroom and get a glimpse into the future of tire retailing! Call 1-888-814-1158 and book a slot today!

What’s keeping you?!