Buying Affordable Health Insurance- Tactics To Get Cheap Health Insurance Online

Switzerland has one of the greatest healthcare systems all around Europe. However, it can be quite costly. It is an insurance-based system, but, unlike many other European countries, it’s not funded through tax or social security contributions but by individual health insurance premiums. It is mandatory for everyone living in Switzerland, including ex-pats, to have at least basic health insurance that covers most general medical treatment costs.

Switzerland regulates insurance through the Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance. This ensures that companies don’t take unmerited advantage of customers. The system aims to keep costs reasonable for individuals while also holding them accountable for paying into the system.

We understand that it can get very confusing at times, so to provide you with a better comprehension of this topic, here’s an elaborate guide on health insurance comparison in Switzerland.  For the health insurance comparison websites, you can refer to English and German. We will cover everything you need to know about buying affordable health insurance in this guide, so worry not and give this article a good read to get a better idea about getting health insurance in Switzerland.

What Is The General Cost Of Swiss Health Insurance?

The first question that may pop in your mind while considering getting Swiss Health Insurance is how much it may cost you. Generally, you are required to pay a monthly premium fee, which may differ between different Swiss health insurance companies. 

You’ll need to pay a minimum of the first CHF 300 of your medical expenses every year (no excess applies to children under 18) because state healthcare in Switzerland works on an excess system. Your health insurance provider only covers the bills above this excess.

Tactics To Pay A Lower Health Insurance Premium

You can reduce your insurance premiums depending on which health insurance company and insurance model you choose.

There are a few ways through which you can reduce your monthly premiums. These include opting for a policy with a limited choice of doctor or health maintenance organization through increasing your excess above CHF 300 each year. You can also pay a lump amount of fees upfront and get a discount of around 2%. You can cover all your family members under one medical policy by choosing an affordable family health insurance plan. The premium cost for this plan is less, but the Sum Insured (SI) is generally shared among all the members covered under this policy. Furthermore, you can consider the cheapest five cantons: Appenzell-Innerrhoden, Nidwalden, Ury, Zug, and Obwalden. You can even choose to pay a higher deductible or excess, which will derive lower monthly fees.

Can You Get Health Insurance As An Unemployed Or Underpaid Citizen?

Every individual must have basic health insurance. Each canton implements the eligibility criteria. The state provides subsidies to enable everyone to afford basic health insurance. The Insurance premiums account for 12% of disposable income, double the national average, for households obtaining such assistance. The primary subsidy recipients are young adults, families, and the elderly.

In Switzerland, people with frugal means may struggle to pay for basic health coverage, as insurance premiums are not adjusted for one’s income. The price has risen since 1996, while salaries have increased by only one-fifth.

Individuals on a low income or unemployed may be eligible for a premium reduction but only in the form of a government subsidy. This is directed at the local level. The eligibility and the sum deducted are different for every canton. Your cantonal authority will typically contact you after filing your annual tax return if you can access a subsidy. You may contact your local canton for an inquest if you think you can qualify for a reduction.

Access To Treatment

Because of the lack of immediate expenses to contend with, even when people have managed to cover their insurance premiums, some still struggle to afford medical treatment at hand. That’s in the form of deductibles before reimbursement claims are accepted—retention fees, external links, or services not covered by basic insurance.

To find savings, patients can lower their premium costs by switching providers (if they have no debts) or choosing a different policy, perhaps with a higher deductible. But some opt to take more extreme steps. A recent OECD report revealed that roughly one in five Swiss forego medical consultations because of cost. At the same time, one in 10 decides not to take prescribed medicines for the same reason.

We hope we made the health insurance comparison in Switzerland easy for you. These tips and tactics for buying affordable health insurance will guide you to choose the healthcare insurance that is the most suited for you. We recommend you carefully consider all the different options available online so that you can land the ideal package you have been looking for at the simplicity of your seats.

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