Buying a good horse rug

Is your horse a naughty rug wrecker? There’s always one cheeky horse who likes to push boundaries. If your equine has a habit of ripping its rug, it helps to make sure you research correctly how to get the best rug you can to work well for the way your horse lives, day to day. During the end of Winter/beginning of Spring, horses will grow out a thicker coat, which can rub vigorously against the rug. This is the time of year when they need a rug most of all.

Size is key

Does your horse need a new horse rug, but you are not sure which size fits best? When buying a horse rug, it is very important that the size is right for your horse. A rug that is too small or too tight increases the risk of chafing spots. A rug that is too big will easily sag, which will eventually damage the rug and make it uncomfortable for the horse. The best way to determine the size of the rug is to measure your horse’s upper lengths and lower lengths. The upper length of a rug is measured between the withers and the tail (size A).

What you also need to take into full consideration

It is important to measure up to the base of the tail and not over it. As soon as a rug hangs over the base of the tail, it is too big and it often draws back. The lower length is measured from the middle of the chest to the buttock of your horse (size B). We always give the sizes of horse rugs as follows: upper length/lower length. The last number is the lower length which is used most frequently in the Netherlands. It is possible that an English size or upper length is mentioned in a rug, so this size differs from the lower lengths which you may be used to.

There are various brands out there

Rugs from different brands in the same size may have a different fit. Some brands work with different rug sizes than the Dutch size. On our website you will always find the Dutch sizes of the rugs. Bucas uses a different size system than other brands, the lower and upper length have a different ratio and the fit is therefore different. Bucas rugs are generally well suited for long or narrow horses. For bigger horses Bucas has the “Big Neck” rugs which are very suitable for Friesians or other broader horse breeds.


Look for rugs with detachable necks. This is so that you can adjust the level of warmth and protection according to your horse’s needs. The stronger the rug, the higher the denier. So, if your horse is a rug wrecker or likes to climb out of his rug, you’d probably be more tempted to go for a product a little more premium in terms of the way it is made and how it is able to end up working for you too. Feel free in any case to have a good shop around to see what there is on the market.