Buying a bungalow tips

If you are searching for a 3 bhk bungalow in Kolkata here are some tips for the search and the process of buying.

Think about what you want from the bungalow

  • Location – Where you live is going to play a huge role in whether your move is successful and how happy you are. Is the location conducive to an acceptable commute to work, close enough to certain social needs, in a good area for school and is it safe in terms of crime rates? 
  • Budget – Work out what the minimum you want to spend is and what the maximum is and plan only on seeing those options. Keep in mind if you choose a 4 bhk bungalow in Kolkata that is on the outer limits of the city rather than central you pay less. Make a list of all the costs so you are ready, deposit, moving costs, renovation quotes, inspection fees, agent fees and so on. Can you manage the cost of the bungalow on your income in terms of monthly costs?  
  • What kind of condition do you want the property to be in – Some people prefer something that is move-in standards, with everything just painted and looking great. That tends to cost more though. Some are happy to find something for less and work on it to fix it up. Some want something somewhere between the two extremes!  
  • What things must you have – Be very clear about the things that you cannot compromise on at all. What is your minimum need for the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and size of garden? Is a pool a need for you that you cannot do without?  
  • Look at several bungalows – Make sure you look at more than one 3 bhk bungalow in Kolkata before you choose so you get a better idea of what is on offer. When you visit ask yourself questions, can you see yourself and your family living there? Be sure to visit at different times of the day so you know what the neighbours are like, what the traffic is like and what the noise level is like.  
  • Signing a contract is making an offer – When you are ready to make an offer after having an inspection done, you just need to sign the contract. When the seller also signs, that is the process done. In most cases, the sale is done and you are obligated to buy, though there are some cases where the contract might be worded so that if conditions are not met someone can still walk away. 
  • Make sure you can get a mortgage – As a quick guide to getting a mortgage for a  4 bhk bungalow in Kolkata there are 4 things you need, having the money for a down payment, at least two years of employment, good to excellent credit history and an income that is at least twice the mortgage payment preferably three times it. It is a very good idea to spend some time getting your finances in order, paying offer credit cards, saving for the down payment and such.

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