Buyer’s Guide To Espresso Coffee Machines

An espresso machine is a complex tool; it must indeed brew a short coffee quickly in the same way as the best Italian baristas. So as not to get lost in the technology jungle of these machines, here is a small list of everything you need to know before making your choice.

Short or long coffee?

Contrary to popular belief, short coffee or espresso does not contain more caffeine but is simply stronger in taste, aroma, and vice versa for a long coffee. The presence of caffeine only increases with the amount of water.

Espresso, latte, or cappuccino?

Espresso is a short coffee, it’s simple. However, how do you differentiate latte and cappuccino? It all depends on the dosage. The latte is the mixture of 1/3 espresso and 2/3 milk while the cappuccino contains these two ingredients in equal quantity.

How to maintain your coffee machine?

The maintenance of the best coffee machine is carried out in particular on two aspects: the presence of lime and the presence of coffee residues in the machine. In both cases, you must prevent these presences by following the manufacturer’s advice to use your machine properly.

To provide a good water filter and do not hesitate to change it as soon as it wears out, for example. Then, for cleaning in it, you will need to disassemble your machine and brush the various dirty parts with descaling products in particular. Check the compatibility of this product with your machine before use.

You can read our guide to descaling a coffee machine.

Coffee powder, beans, or pods

This question is an endless debate between different activists from each party. Be aware, however, that coffee in pods will often have a stronger taste than powdered coffee. Pods are less environmentally friendly and more expensive than powder. Finally, the grain is often very strong but machines with a mill require more maintenance than other machines.

What is Thermoblock technology?

This technology has undoubtedly changed the lives of hundreds of coffee drinkers like you and me, and it actually heats water extremely quickly. A small explanation is in order: in the past, all machines were equipped with a boiler water heating system.

As on the fire, the water is in a container that is heated. Technologies improving this heating in the boiler, this one became faster but remained limited. So appeared the formidable Thermo block heater. The water is no longer heated in a boiler in the machine but circulates in a small, very hot pipe.

In seconds you get hot water. And it works! In 18 seconds my favorite machine is capable of producing hot, quality coffee. In addition, since the water is circulating, there are no heating cycles as for heating in a boiler.

Larger quantities can be heated and the coffee can be served without major interruption, the preparation time depends only on the percolation, that is to say, the time for the water to pass through the filters of coffee under very high pressure.

To finish:

There are therefore many technologies relating to espresso machines. All the machines we have presented to you are quality machines that you can trust. It’s up to you to determine which one will best meet your needs.

In my opinion, the best espresso machine all around is the Delonghi EC685.M Dedica Style Machine. No major faults and irreproachable efficiency.

Great coffee lovers or simple occasional consumers, do not limit yourself to manual espresso machines but also discover the different machines for preparing coffee such as filter machines, capsule machines, or integrated grinder machines!

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