Buy Verified Paypal Accounts

Businesses and individuals can start their payment acceptance with Paypal and add new clients with Paypal verified accounts. Apply for an account or sign up for an account and add yourself to the group on the right-hand side to receive info on how to add a new account to your Paypal account. Paypal likes to hear from its customers when they have a sale or the first month of any savings package they offer. The same goes for businesses or individuals using Paypal to accept payments. Find the nearest business or contact info on this Paypal site to learn more about how they offer payment acceptance services.

Paypal phone number

In the US and Canada, you can call 1-866-295-6635 to access a Paypal representative. You can find your phone number under your Paypal account under your username.

Here’s an overview of how to order a Paypal phone number for a small business

With Paypal, you have a number at all times. It’s for use anytime, wherever. For example, you can use the number to order Paypal credit when someone needs a better Paypal account or you can give it to your friends, family, or a local business in a card and see them get money or discounts.

Paypal mobile

In the US and Canada, you can add a number to your Paypal account and buy the one you want through Paypal for the price of your choice. Get a new number on the PayPal site.

Text to pay

You can pay for your transaction or charge the cost of your transaction in a few simple steps. First, you enter the amount, then select the category where you want to pay, whether it’s shipping or the “added convenience fee”, then enter your card, and finally select the payment method you want.

Paypal mobile accepts credit cards, Paypal Debit cards, and Paypal from merchant accounts.

How to pay using Paypal at restaurants

If you’re planning to eat out, some restaurants and fast food restaurants accept Paypal as a form of payment.

Make sure to ask your server which restaurants are accepting Paypal for payment and what the prices are like so you can plan your meal accordingly.

For example, a fast food chain where most of the items are a dollar or more, such as McDonald’s, will be more likely to accept Paypal than a casual pizza place.

However, it’s not all good news for you if you want to pay for your meal with your Paypal account. Paypal mobile has a hidden fee of 2.4 percent that’s added to your transaction.

Here’s an overview of how to pay using Paypal at a restaurant

Buy gift cards using Paypal

Sometimes it’s nice to have a nice hard plastic gift card to give to friends and family as a present to them. You can use your Paypal account to buy a gift card. Just make sure you only use your Paypal account, not your credit card. You can use credit cards to buy gift cards on your Paypal account and then switch back to your own credit card to make your purchase if you want to.

Paypal rewards

When you use your PayPal account to make purchases, you’ll earn a Paypal cash reward in your Paypal account based on the value of your transaction. For example, if you spend $100 at a merchant you can earn a cash reward of $10 if the merchant accepts PayPal.

You can buy different types of Paypal rewards with cash, gift cards, or promotional discounts. See this Paypal rewards promo guide for details on which types of rewards are offered by Paypal.

How to use Paypal coupons

If you are interested in doing some business with Paypal, then you may find it useful to keep in touch with your customers, their preferences, and their needs.

For example, if you’re an online store and you offer a discount for using PayPal, you could write a “customer reward coupon” to reward customers for making a purchase. In the text box at the bottom of the coupon, you can write the customer name and the order number where they made their purchase.

You can keep in touch with your customers in this way. For example, you can send them a coupon to “reward them for using PayPal.”

You can also send them some news about the latest Paypal news, so they stay in the loop on what’s happening with your business and may stay loyal to you.