Buy from a Respected Boat Brokerage in Thailand

Buying a yacht is an exhilarating experience. It is a confirmation that you’ve achieved something special in life, and you’re able to reward yourself handsomely for it. But in all the excitement of shopping for the perfect yacht for you and your family, it’s always a wise decision to only buy from a well-regarded boat brokerage in Thailand, whether you’re buying a new or pre-owned boat. 

A respected boat brokerage can prepare a globally recognised sale and purchase contract that protects you and your new yacht in both new and used yacht purchases. 

New Yachts

Buying a brand new yacht is the only choice for many owners with specific ideas about what they’re looking for in a boat. Boat brokerages in Thailand have different manufacturers that they represent. Buying a new yacht from these brokerages means they know the boats inside and out and what they’re capable of.  

When shopping for a boat, have some idea of how it will be used and discuss this with the boat broker. They’ll be able to steer you toward the perfect yacht for your needs. They also have a direct line of communication with the manufacturers if you need to have some modifications or customised work done on your boat. 

Your boat represents a significant investment, and you want to get the most of your investment. Working with a boat broker ensures you’re making the right choices in an asset that can be part of your family for years to come. 

Pre-owned Yachts

Choosing the wrong pre-owned yacht can not only be a financial disaster, it can cost you your life. Once you leave sight of land, the boat underneath you literally becomes your lifesaver. You want to select a vessel that has undergone a thorough marine survey and is certified as perfectly seaworthy. A respected boat brokerage in Thailand will arrange for a survey as well as a sea trial, so you can concentrate on the more enjoyable and exciting aspects of shopping for the ideal boat. 

The Thailand boat brokerage is also likely to know the complete previous history of the boat in question. It will be happy to share it as well as all the specifications including the number of hours on the engines. 

Partner with a Boat Brokerage in Thailand

Working with a yacht broker in Thailand is worthwhile even after you’ve purchased your boat. These boat brokerages offer yacht management services that are convenient and efficient. They can provide experienced crews, boat deliveries to different areas around the world, weekly cleaning and maintenance services, and complete administration and accounting services. 

They can also handle the paperwork, booking and other duties of making your yacht available for charter. Working with a boat brokerage in Thailand is a great way to forge a lasting relationship with a group of people that can make maintaining a yacht a breeze.

If you’re in the market for a quality yacht, why not a respected boat brokerage in Thailand to ensure every part of the sale is handled professionally?