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History shows us how mats were essentially practical objects that were used to provide warmth, but they are also great canvases where scenes from everyday life or great deeds were portrayed on many occasions so that they were immortalized. Thus, they have been, are, and will be treasured historical and artistic testimonies, which, by the way, keep their feet warm. All in one!

Today, Felt Mats and other products are trending, and so we are going to talk why should you buy one?

Felt Mats are authentic works of art in every way, both from a technical point of view, as well as aesthetically and functionally.

Felt Mat - Yoga met Selle

Following are some of the reasons why should you go with Felt Mat:

Create cozy environments for autumn-winter:

Imagine this warm living room without its wool rug. It is not the same! These Felt Mat pieces have the power to transmit warmth, like a fireplace or a blanket on the sofa. The most welcoming scenes ever, but always, feature a felt mat as a base. Carpet, at BSB.

If they are spotted, there is a remedy:

The only thing that can be reproached for a wool rug is that it must be taken to the dry cleaner if you want to wash it carefully and thoroughly. But its supposed weak point has a solution, and homemade! You will only need coarse salt, water, a brush, and the vacuum cleaner. And goodbye stains with the most natural and economic method possible.

However, the structure of the felt mat prevents dirt from penetrating deep into the mats, making it easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner or simple brushing.

Living room with felt mat:

Felt mats are undoubtedly the most sought after and everything has its reasons. We all know about the comfort these mats bring and the pleasure they bring to the eyes and the touch, but there is more.

Felt mats, contrary to what most people think, are insulating from both cold and heat, so their use is recommended in all seasons of the year. It can save you energy consumption!

They are unique pieces:

If it is handmade, there will be no other like it. You will have an exclusive work in your house and that gives even more value to a decorative object that also has enormous functionality. The felt mat adds a great value to consider in your home.

Also, felt mat is powerful acoustic insulation against noise, which is why its use is very common in private residences as well as hotels and other public spaces.

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