Buy EMF Protection Clothing Including Grounding Blanket Earthing

EMFs, also called electromagnetic fields, are unnoticeable centers of energy that arise from matter. Humans store electric & magnetic fields that are attached to our nervous systems as well as muscular systems. The Earth at the same time contains a magnetic field including electric fields spread out in the atmosphere. However, anytime when we think about EMF exposure and dangers to health, we are referring to the electric-magnetic fields that emanate from our electronic gadgets. This is an EMF exposure coming from our mobile devices, hatchbacks or sedans, mobile phone towers, wifi, and not to mention the toaster ovens we use daily, among many others.

EMFs have been undetected up until the past some years since they weren’t as widespread. However, now, it has reached dangerous proportions. We can receive a Wi-Fi signal almost anywhere, and for that reason many of us walk around with many EMF devices like mobile phones, smart phones, laptops, and tabs, etc. People are now noticing this possible health hazard.

Are EMFs a potential health hazard?

This is a million-dollar question. Lamentably, there aren’t many conclusive studies related to this, which is unfortunate since we are possibly flooded with them, all the time day in and night out. Almost all of us live in a home with a Wi-Fi connection, a smart meter affixed to the outer side of the living room wall, and sleep with our smartphone by our heads. Our kids play with our mobile devices or use electronics to learn and play. This EMF-integrated technology has become a habit with everyone kid to adult.

However, we should be alert. There is an increasing amount of scientific evidence proving that EMF exposure in excess can badly harm our health. Having said that, World Health Organization has classified EMFs as probably carcinogenic to humans. This statement came after multiple studies pointed to a subtle relationship between EMFs and specific brain cancer. Frightening stuff! We are going through a unique experiment that was never faced by any other civilization in the past. We are having exposure to artificial EMF radiation that is many million times greater than our forefathers, and it increases each year.

What is EMF protection clothing?

EMF protective cloth is a custom-made article of clothing that is able to protect humans against dangerous radiations for example Electromagnetic Field radiations, and others. The fiber that is made use of to design this clothing is exclusive and is often made by combining 51% cotton with 26 silver fiber, and 23% spandex.

The clothes are designed for great comfort and are available in wide variety of designs and color alternatives. All kinds of garments are designed with EMF protection fiber, like protective blanket, T-shirt, jacket, and all other items that one can imagine.

What should one consider when buying EMF protective blanket?

When you are shopping clothing that protect against EMFs on the web or in the store, you should be aware that there is a wide range available. There are clothing such as grounding blanket earthing which can be more effective than the others. So, you need to know what to look for and what not. It is also prudent to be aware that different types of protective wear, suit unique kinds of needs. Certain clothing are for men and/or women but others could be unisex.

Here are certain points you must remember to help buy high quality EMF protection clothing including grounding blanket earthing.


EMF protection clothing is designed by making use of exclusive material so that it may provide protection against exposure to hazardous radiation. Most often the materials used in creating this kind of clothing are silver, and sometimes aluminum. All such materials have the capability of decreasing the potency of EMF radiation. There are sure many cheap variants on the market, so ensure that when you are shopping it is manufactured by the recommended materials. Then ensure that the clothing you buy are cost-effective, soft, nicely designed, and breathable.


Comfort is one factor we think about when shopping clothing, and you should not ignore it here too. Always pick a piece of cloth that is can be worn easily, softly touches the skin and made for your body. Ensure that the material won’t irritate you. Also, ensure that the article is sturdy and can last for quite some time.

Effective Shielding

The main reason you buy an EMF protective cloth like a protective blanket is that it shield you against dangerous EMF radiations. How effective any EMF protective cloth is measured in Decibels (dB). A piece of clothing returning a higher decibel rating will shield your body more effectively than an item that returns a lower decibel rating.

The Final Word

In this post you learned that EMFs are a serious health hazard and points to think about when buying EMF protection clothing, since every piece of cloth is not made the same.