Buttock Augmentation in Mumbai

If you are interested in having buttock augmentation surgery in Mumbai, you have come to the right place. Buttock augmentation is a very popular procedure that aims to enhance and reshape the gluteal area. It is also known as a Brazilian butt liftcost in Mumbai. If you’d like a bigger butt, but don’t know where to find the right surgeon, you can read on to learn more about this procedure.

Buttock augmentation

Buttock augmentation can be a safe, effective procedure, but it should not be attempted by anyone who isn’t board-certified or experienced in plastic surgery. A qualified plastic surgeon will place silicone implants into your buttocks by creating a pocket in your muscle. These silicone implants are made of a soft-solid silicone elastomer. Although you will experience mild to moderate soreness for a few days after your surgery, pain medications will help ease the discomfort. You will be required to rest and limit your physical activity for about two weeks, but you can resume most of your activities after this time.

Buttock augmentation can also be performed using fat transfers, which involve taking fat from other areas of the body and transferring it to the buttock area. However, this procedure alone cannot improve your buttock volume, so you will need a fat transfer or flap procedure. Fat transfer is a multi-step procedure in which excess fat from your donor site is transferred into your buttocks.

It is also known as Brazilian butt lift

Buttock augmentation in Mumbai, also known as a Brazilian butt lift, involves grafting fat from other parts of the body into the buttock area. The procedure is a two-step process, involving the use of a special syringe or cannula to transfer fat to the buttock area. After the fat has been harvested, it is injected into the buttock region through a hidden incision in the central crease.

Buttock augmentation in Mumbai is an excellent option if you want immediate results. A buttock implant or Brazilian butt lift is an effective way to enhance your buttock size and self-esteem. 

It is a procedure with a high success rate

Buttock augmentation is an option to increase the volume of the buttocks. The procedure uses fat from another area of the body. The fat is not rejected by the body, and it is usually harvested from the thigh, flank area, or upper buttock. This is an alternative to synthetic implants. However, fat grafting is more difficult than other forms of buttock augmentation, and requires an experienced surgeon.

Patients must be healthy and have enough donor fat for the procedure. Ideally, there should be no visible scarring. The surgeon may perform liposuction to enhance the buttock. The donor area is small enough that a small incision is made. Patients typically experience no heart pain. Incisions are made in a natural crease on the back of the thigh, making this procedure safer than other buttock procedures.

It is safe

Although buttock augmentation is considered a relatively safe procedure, there are some risks associated with the operation. The procedure is performed under the supervision of a qualified cosmetic surgeon, and there are minimal pre-surgical requirements. After buttock augmentation, your backside will look fuller, and your waist will be smaller. This surgery may take between two and three hours, depending on your body and the procedure used. However, you should not expect immediate results from the procedure, which may take six months or a year. Your results will gradually improve over time, and your tummy will continue to look less enlarged. However, if you have extra fat deposits in your buttock, you may want to consider a fat grafting procedure instead.

It is cost-effective

Buttock augmentation surgery is the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure performed in Mumbai, India. The benefits of this procedure are permanent and enduring. The scars from this surgery are small and virtually undetectable. Patients don’t need to follow any postoperative instructions after surgery. The fat grafted into the buttocks will remain in place for years to come. However, significant weight changes may affect the results. To maintain the final results, patients should maintain a stable weight.

For the procedure, the incisions for buttock enhancement can be made in the crease between the cheek and the back of the thigh, or in the crease where the cheek meets the back of the thigh. Unlike the cheek area, this scar will not be visible. The surgeon will create a pocket under the gluteus maximus muscle. Liposuction is also performed to enhance the buttock.

It gives a natural look

A buttock augmentation in Mumbai gives you a natural look and can also be referred to as a Brazilian butt lift. A well-rounded buttock area has always been an attractive feature, but not everyone has a well-defined buttock area. Some people have flat or square bottoms, which prevent them from wearing tight clothing with confidence. A buttock augmentation in Mumbai can give you a natural look while enhancing the confidence level of your body.


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