Bussdown Cubans vs Regular Cuban Chains

You must have heard the term in songs and even sung the lyrics out loud, but do you know what “bussdown” really means? The term has become a commonplace in the modern lexicon, what with the world of hip-hop and rap being in close association with it. 

When it comes to high-end jewelry, bussdown describes pieces heavily encrusted with diamonds or other precious stones. For example, in the case of Bussdown Cubans, the phrase refers to Cuban chains turned into extravagant works of art with additions of precious stones.

Now you may wonder how Bussdown Cubans and regular Cuban chains are different.

While both Bussdown Cubans and regular Cuban chains are sought-after accessories, they differ significantly in design, weight, and link structure. 


Regular Cuban chains typically sport round, bold, and thick interlocking links, while Bussdown Cubans gleam with a lavish layer of diamonds or other gems. The result is an extraordinary, opulent look that sets Bussdown Cubans apart.


Adding to the grandeur is the weight of Bussdown Cubans, which surpasses that of regular Cuban chains, due to the inclusion of luxurious stones. This additional heft lends a palpable sense of lavishness, making these chains a true statement piece.

Regarding link structure, regular Cuban chains are recognized by their close-knit links, creating a dense, robust design. In contrast, Bussdown Cubans are tailored to the wearer’s preferences, resulting in a highly personalized, standout piece.

Finally, while regular Cuban chains feature more rounded, high polished links, Bussdown Cubans embrace customizations, altering link shape to echo the wearer’s unique style.
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