Business video conferencing

We can’t deny the pandemic has transformed the views of society about remote work. The concept of a traditional workplace has changed as well. Statistics confirm that fact: 74% of professionals expect remote work to become the new normal.

These days, while more employees start working remotely from different parts of the world, it’s crucial for successful management to delicately adapt to current changes. 

Productive work means effective communication. So, the need for keeping in touch with all your team members can only be done with conference calls software.

Luckily, the modern market offers an extensive variety of video conferencing solutions for small businesses, and startups. The best option for your company depends on the following factors: the company size, number of employees, estimated expenses, and additional tools for effective work. 

With long-lasting meetings and negotiations, there may be no time to look through all the possible options, but such a program is the only thing you need here and now. That’s why, we’re happy to introduce CallOut – a perfect supplement to businesses of any type and size. 

It is an online meeting app with unique features, tools, and benefits. Why is it different from the others? Just take a look!

CallOut is easy to use

Remember the time when you got stuck after trying to set up your first online meeting? With our service, you won’t fail again. 

The registration process takes only a few minutes. Don’t have even one? Skip it and join a chat room, using a special code the meeting host provides you.

No laptop at hand? Set up a meeting or join a video conference through any of your devices (computer, tablet, or smartphone) with just a couple of taps.

CallOut is AI-based

Keep everything organized with smart AI technology. It helps to get the maximum out of communication. 

  • Gesture recognition

Take control over the presentation flow, change color and transparency, and turn signs into emojis using your body language.

  • Beautification

Turn on your camera during each call, the program will do everything to make you look your best. Use the built-in beautification features to reduce stress and feel comfortable during weekly meetings and online conferences.

  • Cloud recording

Worried about missing a webinar or master-class? With the latest AI tools, you are able to record any virtual event that you can’t attend. Its full version or short footage created based on displayed emotions assessment may be found in the cloud storage. What is more, the service will gather all relevant information and generate a transcript.

CallOut is innovative

Extensive customer care is our primary aim. We provide the following advanced features:

  • Outstanding videoconferencing

Unlike other similar applications, we provide clients with the ultimate Full-HD quality of calls, not depending on a plan you use. 

  • Web security

Be sure, all the shared information is 100% encrypted by the latest web protection software.

  • Screen sharing

Lose no time in sharing your screen with the interlocutors! Using the program, you can distribute any document or monthly report in a sec.

It’s beyond question that our service is user-friendly, secure, and can host all team members at once. What to do next?

Grow your business with CallOut – download it now on our official website!