Business Owners save $900 per Employee

Cares Act was passed by Congress to help the US economy. Business owners are getting relief.
The expanded Champ Plan is allowing for businesses with 5 or more employees to save an average of
$900 per employee off their bottom line.
Yes the employees will also see more funds on their paychecks while getting much needed added health
Amazon, Tesla and McDonalds all see the value in this program of saving more money off their taxes.
CPAs and Tax professionals are lining up to use the advisory services to take full advantage of a turn key
option to assist business owners with additional tax savings they have been missing out on.
Full census of employee review includes a report of how much tax savings will be gained and annually
how that will benefit the bottom line.
Employees also see a huge medical benefit with unlimited RX benefits, unlimited visits to Urgent Care
and unlimited visits to Primary care. No co pays, no added out of pocket expense. These benefits add to
the retention of employees, who are looking for more then just a pay check, they want benefits of
some sort.
The Champ Plan has been available over 12 years and is expanding due to Pandemic and Cares Act
lucrative tax code updates.
National Trade organizations and associations are offering these benefits to their members looking for
added tax savings and CPA firms are advising businesses that qualify not to miss out on this much
needed tax relief.
National Service office for the Champ Plan can be reached at 608 403 7008.
CPAs and Tax professionals have lined up to take advantage of advisory services that present a new
service to business owners that saves money on taxes. Business consultants and tax agents have set up
an advisory services offer designed to help business owners promote additional tax savings.
Employees also receive opportunities for routine vision and dental care, as well as access to urgent care
and primary care physicians. No co pays, no additional out of pocket expense. These benefits help
employees stay in the office longer, looking for more than a monetary incentive.
Employees also see a large medical benefit of unlimited RX benefits, unlimited visits to Urgent Care and
unlimited visits to primary care. No deductibles and co premiums, no out-of-pocket expenses to them.
These additional perks boost maintainability of workers, who are seeking more than simply a living
wage, they want benefits.
The Champ Plan has existed for more than a decade and has recently provided more favorable tax
incentives thanks to the Cares Act and Pandemic Act.
Business owners are in need of more tax savings. Getting $900 tax savings per employee is a huge game
changer for business owners with 5 or more employees W2.
Could your business use more employee retention? How about more pay on their paycheck?
On average $125 or more per month are added to pay check.
Yes they want benefits also, like unlimited RX, unlimited urgent care and primary care needs.
Your staff wants all more benefits and we can provide this with $900 tax savings average per employee.
Don’t miss out on these lucrative tax code savings. You deserve to know what your missing out on.
We enhance what your CPA is doing for you.
Wonderful opportunity for Business Tax Savings. What are you doing to make sure you are getting all
your tax savings you are looking for. Have you double checked your CPA.
This will boost your income as a business owner, you have pure profit added $900 per employee
The more employees you will see more savings and more benefits. The employees love more money on
their checks and yes the added benefits are key to keeping employees around.
If you buy major medical you will see added savings, including reduction in work compensation costs
and fees. Are you looking for more solutions at your business? How soon do you want to keep more of
your hard earned money?
Have a great new year