Business owners need to know ways to keep WordPress website live and free from errors

Today all business owners are running their businesses online. The most common platform which is being used by business owners is WordPress. They develop the site according to their business and earn through that. However, WordPress can face errors, which is not good for their business. And if you are a business owner and want to learn how can you keep your site live and free from errors, so you came to the right place.

There can be different strategies by which you can keep your site live and error-free. Let’s discuss the most authentic and common ways.


  1. Time-to-Time updating: If you want your site to keep running and prevent the errors, you must run time-to-time updates on site. Updating your site monthly can prevent the site from getting crashed. However, make sure that before updating your site, you must create a bake. So that if for some reason any error arises while updating, you can run your backup site for a while. 


  1. Use the best Service: If you don’t need to bear any losses by getting your site crashed, you need to use only trusted plugins, well-known themes. Not only that but also you have to get the best hosting service for your site, which will run your site 24h without any delay. If you use themes and plugins designed by experienced coders, you will not face any bugs. It is good practice to use only those themes and plugins which has good reviews.


  1. Full-site backups: It is good practice to create your full-site backups timely. If your site gets hack, so you will lose everything. If you have a backup of your website you can use that while your hacked website repair. There are different plugins provided by WordPress, through which you can easily create backup automatically. You must back up your themes, plugins, also you must backup the database of your website.


  1. Don’t wait for WordPress update: always update your themes and plugins before updating the WordPress site. This will help your Fixing Website Issues to run smoothly. Let’s see an example if WordPress is going to the introduced new update, and your theme is not supported by the latest version there will be a broken file in your WordPress. So, developers introduced new versions of themes and plugins which matched the criteria of WordPress’s new release. 


  1. Don’t touch WordPress files: If you are a business owner surely, you can only business. You are not a developer, so, never try to make changes in WordPress files which can be plugins and themes files. Any error in your code can bring your site down.


  1. Using para-linking:Many owners can face errors while loading the site. It is because customized para-links are not working properly. Use any other settings rather than custom settings.

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