Business communication and importance of exact meaning of word:

Business communication is critical for the success of a business and to become competitive. In business communication it is necessary to use the exact word and explain the correct meaning of the product or a service. You can use the online Dream Interpretation Tool to find the precise meaning of a word. This is essential when you are sharing the information with the clients. The precise words should be used to pursue the prospective clients. This is the main reason the precise wording is selected in the business communication. To establish the correctness, and concreteness of the business letters. 

The attributes of business communication:

Whatever the field of business you need to  interact professionally with others. For effective business communication a business needs to follow the attributes of the effective business communication. The 7 C’s are the major factor in increasing the productivity and performance of an organization.

The 7’Cs are:


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1- Completeness:

In business communication, completeness is one of the major attributes. The audience should perceive what you want to send a piece of information. The receiver should completely understand what the sender wants to communicate and what is the meaning of the business message.


The exact word should be used in the business communication and wordiness can be a cause of the miscommunication. Try to use the fewest words to communicate what you want to say, and long paragraphs are not intended in business communication.


Consideration is watching things through the eyes of the customers. Try to encompass what the end user wants from you and what their needs and wants are. Prepare the business message by keeping yourself in the shoes of the customers.

4- Clarity:

When you communicate your thoughts and objectives in the mind of the recipients then you are clearly able to communicate. Clarity is one of the most critical aspects of business communication. You should be clear what you want to say in clear manners.


Concreteness is the remaining specific and explicit rather than vague or generic in your communication. You need to have backup for your claims and opinion.


Try to show respect to your clients and they shouldn’t feel they are marginalized in the message. Courtesy of the business communication helps to improve the engagement with the prospective clients. So whatever you want to say, choose appropriate and exact words  that do not hurt anybody’s feelings.


Correctness of the information of your business communication is the key aspect. You should try to provide information to the clients when you have solid proof of it. Correctness is one of the critical aspects of your effective business communication.


Business communication is the key in winning the heart and mind of the target market. Miscommunication can be just too damaging for the positioning of a product or service. You should try to follow the attributes of the business communication.