Business Advisory Management Software 2020

Business counselors offer management consulting to help business territories to expand their productivity and efficiency. The first step for any business consultant goal is to completely understand the client’s business. Smart business consultant takes time to learn as much as possible about it. The feedback and planning they provide can help increase business and boost profits in the long run, while also helping ensure future success by eliminating problems and identifying opportunities. With different types of services in the business advisory sector, it is quite unlikely to manage and streamline the functioning of multiple services and staff under one roof. Whether you maintain a pen and paper to note down the client details or transfer them into digital documents, it’s going to kill your time or end up with errors.


Stay error-free by dumping all your old school ways of scheduling appointments with clients or meetings with your staff.  Hiring someone to fix all these isn’t a bad idea nor a smart on either. You gotta stay more organized to create the best impression with your client and you can achieve this by using web-based scheduling software. Let your clients book your services on the booking page by entering their personal details hassle-free through Picktime online scheduling software.


Picktime is an all in one web based scheduling management software that not only fixes your appointments, it can seamlessly handle staff schedules and management within no time. Everything is stored in the cloud so you can easily access it from any device that is connected to a reliable internet source.


Advantages of using Picktime


1.Booking page-


Once you sign up with Picktime you can get your own booking page where you can sync any of your favorite calendar Google/Outlook that automatically cuts off the important dates from the business calendar and fixes your availability without your interference. You could also block off your staff availability as an admin so that your clients find it easy to search for their fav business consultant or auto select any of them.


2. Professional website-


Want to make your bookings a breeze? integrate the book now button to your website , we provide you the code! Clients can go through your website and book their services with a single click on the book now widget. Turn all your website visitors to trustworthy clients. Picktime allows you to effortlessly retain all your clients for further approach by storing their details while bookings are made. You could also ask for more details by customizing your page.


3.Reporting and potential planning-

Optimize branches to handle high demand efficiently, yet still, grasp a personal touch with regular clients. Gain valuable potential planning insights into branches enabling more effective staffing and resourcing. Provide staff with accurate business information to enable higher opportunities and deeper relations. Track your progress and reservations with the help of advanced reports with the variety of filters like date, service, client or provider.


4.Drag and drop option-


Drag and drop can be used for multiple purposes. With Picktime you can reschedule or cancel your client’s appointments and inform them prior to the appointment. Just drag and drop the client bookings on your booking page and set the appropriate time for personal counsellings.


5.Improve Productivity-

Business Advisors can spend less time calling, chasing and waiting to track down clients, and more time in providing the counsellings. Send customers a link to directly schedule a meeting with you. You’ll increase bookings up to 28%, improve productivity and reduce administrative time.


6. Free of cost and stay Ad-free-


It’s quite annoying for anyone to see hundreds of ads popping up their page and making it look untidy. Undoubtedly, Picktime doesn’t show up ads on your page making it convenient for your clients and you to use it in the most efficient way. Also, Picktime comes with no hidden charges or premium memberships.. It’s absolutely free of cost! Hurry up, sign up and integrate your page with us.


With Picktime at your fingertips you could schedule all your client meetings and staff meetings right from your desk and boost up your efficiency. Make the best out of your time with clients and staff and cut down the hassle magically. Sign up for free and use it for the rest of your life.