Burnout on the Brain? Take an Inside Look into the Mental Health Benefits of Global Travel 

If the passing thought of boardroom meetings and last-minute Powerpoint presentations triggers your flight-or-fight response, you’re likely suffering from a classic case of workplace burnout. When people become overworked or lose passion in their careers, they quickly become victims of professional lethargy. For those looking to self-diagnose, feelings of incompetence, alienation, or cynicism are tell-tale signs that you’re running on fumes. 

 Burnout may also impact your mental well-being, as overworked individuals often develop insomnia, anxiety, and depression. When neglected, burnout only builds up over time and can result in lasting consequences. Eventually, you may become disinterested in tasks unrelated to work, including those that usually bring you intense joy. The incipient feelings of boredom or anger start to contaminate your personal and professional life alike. 

For many, the exhilarating experience of travel offers a reprieve from everyday stressors, including those prompted by burnout. The opportunity to step outside monotonous routines presents a welcome fresh perspective on life. Meeting new people and understanding different cultures can generate a new passion for life itself. 

Traveling the world’s fluorescent cities and tranquil countryside reinforces your attitude and reinvigorates productivity in work life. The benefits of travel also reach far into the psyche. Learn how global travel improves your mental well-being. 

How you can travel more (without putting in your two weeks notice)

To reap the full benefits of travel without sacrificing a paycheck, consider pursuing a more flexible career. Photographers, flight attendants, and ESL teachers enjoy the freedom to work where they please. Travel CNA s can make a comfortable living by offering their skills at hospitals around the country. To find programs best suited to you, get in contact with a CNA travel agency

If you aren’t willing to change professional paths, find ways to extend your vacation benefits. Save unused time-off and splurge on a months-long trip or take those much-needed vacations during the holiday season. That way, you can maximize your PTO without sacrificing productivity. 

Adventure promotes creativity 

Flooding the senses with unfamiliar sights and sounds can revitalize your creative mind. The brain is easily influenced by change, and unique surroundings promote the growth of new neural pathways. Charting unfamiliar territory allows your brain (formerly caught in a cognitive rut) to look at the world through unclouded lenses. No wonder writers and designers produce some of their best work when traveling abroad. 

Traveling boosts your mood long-term 

The anticipation of an upcoming trip can protect the brain from toxic emotions. Looking forward to an event helps working professionals push through challenging tasks and provides a light at the end of a burnout-ridden tunnel. Even after returning from the trip, looking back at fond memories and once-in-a-lifetime experiences become a source of happiness for years to come. 

Boost your self-esteem with a journey 

Traveling isn’t all luxury hotels and relaxing beach days. You must also navigate language barriers, unfamiliar settings, and culture shock. Venturing into foreign territory pushes boundaries and forces you to confront otherwise uncomfortable scenarios. These experiences carry over into everyday tasks, improving confidence when dealing with overwhelming obstacles. Many look to travel as a form of therapy for anxiety and the occasional identity crisis. 

Vacationing alleviates seasonal affective disorder 

Every winter, the profound need for sunlight and warmth can become debilitating. People with extreme SAD experience thoughts of hopelessness, fatigue, and enduring depression. As a prevention method, therapists often suggest cruises or warm-weather vacations. If you tend to feel down during the darker months, treating yourself to a tropical trip is well deserved. 

Safe travels 

The benefits of global travel reach far beyond improving work productivity. While you prevent the chance of burnout, an excursion abroad may also inspire you to create a masterpiece. The long-term improvement in mood and self-esteem is well worth the airline ticket, so go ahead. Adventure awaits.