Burnaby Trading LLP Real Estate Fraud

Real estate is one of the most vulnerable in terms of fraudulent schemes and various scams.

Offshore company Burnaby Trading LLP owners and beneficiaries of which are Khokhlov Oleksii and his sister Inna Taldykina sell a house by a fraudulent scheme of mortgaged property. The house is mortgaged in a foreign bank, despite the fact that it falls under confiscation of property in connection with the criminal history of Alexei Khokhlov as the owner of Burnaby Trading LLP.

Khokhlov Oleksii is actively wanted by the Security Service of Ukraine and temporarily removed from the search in Interpol for especially serious crimes. READ MORE on the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine 

Due to the terrible criminal history, Khokhlov was denied the residence permit he requested in Cyprus, he was officially excluded from the country, but – hiding this – he continues to test European countries for legal loopholes and today he tries to obtain a residentship in Spain.

The punishment under the articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine mentioned on the website of Ministry of Internal Affairs for Oleksii Khokhlov exceeds 25 years in prison with confiscation of the convict’s property (and property received from the convict by family members).

  • Article 113 part 1 – Subversion (acting as part of an organized criminal group he stole equipment from the plant depriving of work more than 3000 people)
  • Article 191 part 5 – Appropriation or embezzlement of another’s property, which was entrusted to a person or was under his control in a large amount by an organized group of persons.
  • Article 255 part 1 – Creation of a criminal organization for the purpose of committing a serious or especially serious crime

At the same time, Burnaby Trading LLP appears in the criminal case records as an offshore company in scheme for the withdrawal and laundering of money received from the sale of stolen equipment.

Real estate address: Melinas Mercouri St, 25, Palodia, Limassol, Cyprus, 4549 (Property website Tranio)

The actual estimated value of the house is about 400,000 Euros, while dishonest owners overstated the cost by at least 2 times luring the victim with a corruption scheme invented by them in which the future buyer will become the owner of the Cyprus passport, sending 2.5 million Euros to their account, of which 1.250,000 Euros will allegedly be returned to the future owner.

A lawyer, who canceled the deal due to the absurdity of the terms offered by fraudsters, believes that fraudsters are looking for an unaware victim with less than fully white money to appropriate the entire amount to themselves, leaving the buyer unpaid taxes from the difference of 2.5 million and the official value of the house 350 thousand.

Unfortunately, the system of the real estate registration chamber is far from ideal and often does not show all the encumbrances on real estate that the new owner has to pay after many years of litigation.

All things considered and by the history of this property, we can conclude that the house contains unhappy or negative energy. First, the death in the house from the alkohol addiction of the first owner, then a criminal case initiated on this property due to the dishonest activities of the owner from the criminal world and at the end, black sales schemes.

Khoklov Oleksii 

Date of Birth: 12 FEB 1975, Place of birth: Ukraine

Inna Taldykina 

Date of birth: 21 Aug 1984

Company number: SO303688

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