Bulk up by Summer: How to Gain Muscle Fast

Do you want to get the ideal body you have this summer? You’ll need to start exercising. The CDC says only 23% of adults in the US get enough exercise.

Unfortunately learning how to gain muscle mass fast might feel impossible because of the coronavirus pandemic. How can you go to the gym, after all? Many gyms needed to close down and reject new gym memberships.

Fortunately, some gyms moved their business online to continue to help people train at home. If you want to gain muscle fast, you’ll need to start focusing on home workouts.

This guide will teach you what grows muscles and what you need to do to gain them. Keep reading to find out more about what you can do to gain muscle mass as fast as you can.

1. Factors That Make Muscles Grow

If you want to gain muscle mass, you want to avoid training like a bodybuilder. Instead, you want to train like an athlete. That includes knowing what type of weight training fits your body best.

Before we continue, we need to point out the factors that affect muscle growth. These are simple things. You likely already know that they are.

Those things include doing compound training, adding weight, and increasing frequency. On top of all that, you need to maintain the proper diet and sleep for enough hours. Building your body up takes up a lot of energy that only the right diet and proper rest can provide.

2. Steps to Gain Muscle Mass

Before you start your gym journey, it helps to know your goals. Do you want to gain enough muscles to look ripped or lean? Or do you aim to stand tall and big like the Incredible Hulk or the Rock?

Be realistic about your goals and how it can fit your time frame. Your body won’t always show the results of your training right away, depending on your body type. Some people need more time while others have the gift of fast muscle gain.

Next, you want to start your diet and get used to it as soon as you can. This will help ease your muscle-gaining journey. It’s better to start your diet change little by little and before you start doing serious exercises.

You also want to give your body enough resting time. Remember, your muscles heal and patch up when you’re sleeping. You don’t want to cut that healing process short by sleeping less than 8 hours.

The final thing is to change your outlook about exercise, especially if you hate working out. Gaining muscles is going to be hard and painful. Get used to the pain and aches of a workout as soon as possible.

You want to cut any tempting thoughts of using shortcuts or skipping a training day. Set your sights on the finish line and commit to this journey. If you follow these basic steps, you’re likely to see great results.

3. How Fast Can You Gain Muscle?

Everyone has different body types and rates of muscle gain. The average rate for muscle gain for most guys is 0.25 kg or 0.5 lb per week. That means you can add up to 1 kg or 2 lb per month and 12 kg or 24 lb per year.

Teenagers are likely to gain muscle mass fast because they have more testosterone. The older you are, the slower and/or harder it will be for you to gain. If you start as a skinny teenager, your before-and-after comparisons will have more differences.

Compare them with an adult man’s before and after photos if he started as an adult already. On female physiology, it’s also more difficult to gain muscle mass as fast as males do. If you’re a female who wants to gain muscle, you need to do a routine that’s unique to your female physiology.

4. What You Need to Gain Muscle Fast

Below are the steps for quick muscle gain.

You’ll notice something with the steps we listed below. The process of gaining muscle mass fast isn’t very different from the regular way of gaining muscle. That’s because your best bet at gaining muscle fast is to do it the right way.

Increase Your Volume

Lifting heavier weights won’t always lead to the muscle growth that you want. Sometimes, what you need is to add more reps to your usual routine. Take the number of reps you do and multiply it by the number of sets and increase that number.

Remember, your body is getting stronger each day. You need to keep it from getting too comfortable with the weights you lift. Increase your training volume to gain more muscle.

Eat More Protein and Take the Right Supplements

Protein is one of the most essential nutrients for everyone who aims to gain muscle fast. It is the thing that helps build your muscles back up after you break them down with training. Without proper protein intake, your muscles can’t recover right.

If you feel that you aren’t getting enough protein from your diet, take supplements. You also want to give your muscle growth a boost by taking CJC-1295/ipamorelin. When taking supplements, make sure you get brands that offer high-quality products.

Get All the Rest You Need

Focus on muscle recovery as well. Make sure your schedule can fit in eight full hours of sleep. Proper rest is the key to good muscle building.

Your sleeping phase is also the phase when your body is growing. It’s when the body releases human growth hormone. That is why you can cut up to 15% of muscle-building testosterone when you get only five hours of sleep per night.

Consume More Calories Than You Burn

If the goal is to learn how to gain muscle fast, then you need to take more calories than you burn. That may mean having more frequent meals in small portions. Eat may mean eating more than what you assume is enough.

Don’t starve yourself. Once you gain muscle, a lot of the energy you get from your food is going to get allotted to those muscles. Having more muscles mean that you need a lot of fuel to burn.

Start Bulking up

Now you know how to gain muscle fast. The most important thing about bulking up is to stay committed. Even with the ongoing pandemic, it’s not impossible to stay fit and build some muscle!

We hope you enjoyed reading this guide and learned something new from it. If you want to see more content on how to improve your health and lifestyle, check out our other posts now.