Innovative Bulk SMS Marketing Solutions for Companies in Dubai and the UAE

In today’s increasingly digital age, Short Message Service, or better known as SMS, is one of the most effective platforms to reach your target audience. Interested in exploiting the enormous potential of SMS marketing? You have come to the right place! Smart Vision is a leading provider of bulk SMS in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates in the UAE.

bulk sms uae

In the UAE alone there are around 18.88 million mobile subscribers in the first quarter of 2015 – and the figures are expected to rise further in the coming years! With our innovative solutions you can take advantage of the full marketing potential of SMS technology and open opportunities for your business to grow.


There are many benefits to using SMS to connect with existing and potential customers in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, such as the following:


  • Personal approach – With a text message you can speak directly with your customer and you have the option to add a ‘personal touch’ to your message.


  • Ideal length – Studies say that most people lose their focus after just 8 seconds – an attention span shorter than a goldfish! The good news, however, is that text messages have a 98% chance of being opened and read within 5 seconds.


  • Potential for going viral – Text messages can be stored in the user’s phone so that they can delete the information when they need it. Users can also forward it to their family and friends, which essentially means additional, free marketing for you!


  • Anywhere, Anytime – Sending bulk text messages to your target customers can be scheduled at the most optimal time and they can receive it wherever they are.


  • Cost effective – SMS marketing is one of the most affordable means to promote your new product, service or special promotional offer. With minimal investments you can reach a wider audience and achieve a substantial return.


  • Auditable Reports – Bulk SMS activities can be tracked and observed. With the help of essential information such as which numbers have received and responded to your message, you can analyze your marketing efforts and know-how to improve or support them.


Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is the fastest way to transfer information to your target audience in a fraction of a second, whether it’s a sales promotion or an important transaction message. Bulk SMS solves your entire communication needs in the quickest and fastest method.


Bulk SMS is the cheapest solution in terms of costs and highly effective media to reach the target group compared to any form of advertising. It is also very cost effective when compared to print media and other advertising media.


An Advantage of Bulk SMS:


#1 Immediate delivery

#2 Target group-oriented audience

#3 Custom and personalized message for B2B and B2C market

#4 Time-saving solutions to reach a million users in a fraction of a second

#5 Cost-saving solutions compared to Print, FM or any other form of advertising.

#6 User-friendly applications