Building emotional resilience

First and foremost, emotional resilience in simple terms means the possession of a means to adapt in a crisis or situation that is stressful. The word resilience originates from a Latin word “resilient,” which means to retaliate. Emotional resilience builds up in a very constructive and healthy way. Best Essay Help recognizes such as a series of behavioral and attitudinal choices, which help in dealing with trauma and tragedy.

Emotional resilience tends to begin building when one is still a child, whereas other people, through experiences in life, adapt to situations. One can also create emotional resilience through different life struggles.

Ways in which emotional resilience helps in real life.

During periods when one is not sure of what is going to happen, the emotional resilience’s quality prevents one from panicking, e.g., it’s not good to say that one can get something useful from one’s loved one’s death. Still, if one can try to understand the one who has lost a loved one and support that person who has lost a loved one, that’s a resilient way of thinking.

It enables one to develop mechanisms for protection against experiences, which could be overwhelming. It also helps one to maintain balance in one’s life during difficult or stressful periods.

Emotional resilience doesn’t mean that you are emotionally empty, but instead, when it comes to adapting to tragedies, stress is a positive approach that is mature and healthy. It’s about thinking positively in every circumstance. Emotional resilience builds on optimism, not pessimism.

Ways in which emotional resilience gets built

Building emotional resilience needs one to be purposefully self-driven in what they are thinking about and also in what they do. It is because the ways of building emotional resilience shouldn’t look like somebody forced to do something they don’t want to do. These ways of building emotional resilience will look like a daily routine after a certain period.


One of the ways by which one can build the ability to be emotionally resilient is by having a mind that thinks positively. One can develop an optimistic mind by focusing on the right things, no matter how small they may seem. For example, if someone disappoints another person, maybe by canceling plans for maybe dinner or a date, the disappointed person should focus on how that situation gives them free time to do other things like visiting your friends and reading books. And also by reflecting on one’s mistakes and thinking of how one’s mistakes can help others who are also in a similar situation that one has been through ideas plus business.

Reflecting healthily

Just like medicine, one takes them little by little to make a full dose, reflecting on actual events that have happened in one’s life and also one’s mistakes also needs one to think in small doses such that one can take time to recover before reflecting again.


Exercises like yoga, jogging, or running can increase one’s heart rate. In stressful situations, one also needs to do some activities because exercises help in these situations by controlling the pace of the heart.

 Practicing mindfulness meditation

First of all, meditation is a practice that is contemplative and intentional. Meditation helps one to understand and recognize both what one thinks and how one feels. And meditation helps one to control one’s intense feelings from one’s situation, reactions, and what they are thinking about.

Mindful meditation assists one to concentrate on the present moment, which eases the acceptance of neutral, negative, and positive things; this helps to build emotional resilience.

Get inspired by others.

Emotional resilience is also built by getting inspiration from others. Emotional resilience gets built by reading other people’s stories who have struggled in stressful conditions.

Whenever you feel depressed, recovering from an injury, there are significant and inspiring stories about people who have passed through the same situation you are passing through and have come out of it.

One will learn so many things, like how other people come out of their stressful situations and adapt to the ability of emotional resilience.


The ability to adapt to hard, stressful situations doesn’t happen in an instant, but it takes time and varies from one person to another. It’s a process, so patience is a need. 

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