Building A Career In The Oil And Gas Industry

Recent grads interested in a truly rewarding career path really should give some consideration to entering the petroleum industry. Given that numerous high-level executives in the oil and gas realm are getting ready for retirement, the sector in Canada is now ramping up its recruitment efforts to find the top talent who will take over for them.

As such, recent graduates and early-stage professionals seeking an opportunity with limitless potential for growth need to take a closer look at the opportunities that currently abound. It must be borne in mind, however, that getting a foothold in the industry requires a willingness to compete and tackle the challenges presented.

Though there is not a one-size-fits-all formula for succeeding in this endeavor, the following tips from Petroplan include some useful tips for building a solid career in oil and gas.

2. Find The Right Balance When Networking With Others

An error far too many young professionals tend to make is to go overboard when trying to impress the executives with whom they come into contact. While it is certainly important to demonstrate your drive and abilities, it is also necessary to keep your current status in mind along the way.

A large number of young staffers fail to cultivate strong relationships with field operators and support staff. These are the linchpins of a successful endeavor, and it is crucial to establish ties with such individuals before climbing the ladder further. Doing so will enhance your professional reputation and make it easier to get the job done. Make it known that you are a reliable team player early in your career, and you will be amazed at how far that takes you.

2. Gain An Understanding Of Field Work

If you are in a junior engineering role on the corporate end of things, do not neglect to get yourself out there into the field so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of what goes on there. Without a strong grasp of the work done in the field, it will be difficult for you to work collaboratively with colleagues. Step away from the fancy office and take an in-person look at what fieldwork truly entails.

Not only will such experience engender trust and credibility between you and the field teams, but you will also have a much better sense of how the entire industry is set up. This will stand you in good stead for future leadership roles.

3. Seek A Mentor Of Your Own

There is no doubt that having a mentor in your industry of choice can be a significant career booster. Having such a trusted advisor in the oil and gas realm is similarly critical, as it affords you the chance for exposure to real-world business scenarios and builds confidence.

A solid relationship with a mentor can also give you the professional reference and support you are almost sure to need down the road. Your mentor can make critical introductions within the industry that will further your career once you do the work of establishing your knowledge base and building strong connections with others in the field.

By following the advice provided above, the incredible potential offered by a career in oil and gas is virtually limitless.