Build Your Rig: 3 Best PC Cases That You Need to Use

The chassis is a vital gaming PC part.  It’s crucial because the PC case holds and protects every hardware that goes inside the computer. When you decide what to use for your rig, consider three critical factors: the cooling, flexibility, and size. If you’re looking for the best PC case, you’re in the perfect spot. So here are some of the best PC cases that you need to use.

Thermaltake Versa C22 RGB ATX Mid-Tower Chassis

Among the best PC cases that are recommended is the Thermaltake Versa C22. This PC case is quite slick and capable of supporting motherboards that are ATX sized. It looks slim, but the top and front panel has RGB strips that you can control through the integration of the case and provides seven color options with light effects such as Solid Color, Breath, and Blink modes. Moreover, you can see its RGB lights from different angles, and the results are fancy and stunning.

The chassis also has a preinstalled single 120mm fan at the back. However, if you want to have more airflow, you have the option to put more fans at its top and front. For the top front panel, you can find the USB ports, audio ports, and the RGB controller. This tower can support 390mm length graphics cards, 160mm height CPU Coolers, and 240mm radiators for the liquid cooling system.  

Phanteks Enthoo Pro

Phanteks is among the manufacturers that came up with the design to place built-in ties for the PC cases’ cable management. This idea is handy because it’s a great help for those who want their cable management to be superb. If you are a builder, the case is flexible to any adjustment; that’s why it’s recommended to buy if you will build a large PC.

When you try to remove the case out of its box, you will immediately see that it has a preinstalled 200mm fan at the front and another 140mm fan at the back panel. With those built-in fans, they are enough to provide your PC an excellent airflow. However, its top panel can also support 420mm radiators, which is a great deal if you choose to add a liquid cooling system. In short, this case is a great choice to start building your PC right now.

Cooler Master Cosmos C700P

The bottom and top part of this case have an integrated RGB light system that helps highlight the exterior. Another cool feature of the chassis is the tempered glass that is curved and innovative and can help showcase your beautiful built. As expected from this PC case, Cooler Master Cosmos C700P provides and capable of supporting high-end and expensive components that you want to build.

Those components include multiple GPUs with any size, E-ATX motherboards, and 420mm length radiators. The only setback that you can encounter when using the case is the possible problem in routing power cables and accessories if you will configure your motherboard. Aside from that, the Cooler Master Cosmos C700P is an excellent choice if you wish to show off your rig while still maintaining the capabilities that you want in a gaming PC.


Building your gaming PC is hard for many people because you need to consider your budget, the components that you will choose, and especially the PC case you need to use. If you are a gamer, then you know that choosing the best PC case is essential. The chassis houses all of the critical components, and it should have an excellent airflow so that those components won’t overheat.