How To Build an Effective Hiring System?

Why are we talking about team expansion right now? Because now is the time. Yes, many specialists have already been thrown into the market or will soon be thrown out. If not for the crisis, many of them would not have appeared on the labor market for years. And now many companies have cut their staff or gone bankrupt.

You can also update your team. That is, to replace those who do not bring the desired results to the company with those who will. Get rid of the arrogant “oldies” who take advantage of their exceptional position in the company and your fear that you have no one to replace them. Now there is someone. More precisely, maybe if you do everything right.

How to properly organize an employee recruitment system? This is what the article is about.

The main task of the personnel service

One famous person said that cadres are everything. This is indeed the case. Personnel + organization system (management system, business processes, organizational structure, etc.). But now we are talking about personnel. In this regard, the main task of the personnel service can be formulated as follows:

Provide the business with the necessary number of suitable personnel and ensure the maximum return on these personnel at the lowest acceptable cost. Ensure the independence of the company from specific employees.

The task of the HR manager or whoever performs his functions is to increase this indicator. Everything else that HR does is just an aid for solving the above problem. And he does a lot:

  • Hiring and onboarding employees
  • Building a motivation system
  • Employee development, knowledge management
  • Development of corporate culture, increasing personnel loyalty

Recruiting problems

So, the task is: how to most effectively select those candidates on the labor market who will become successful employees in the future? It is not so easy:

  • Until recently, many managers cited the lack of personnel as the main problem. “Glory to the crisis,” this difficulty has receded.
  • But if the shortage in general has passed, then the shortage of sensible ones remains a headache. Often you can’t look at candidates without tears …
  • Even if you have found a “sensible person”, then it may well be that he is considering not only your proposal, and he is right. How to convince him to work with us? How to “buy” it “at a reasonable price”? How to make sure that he really comes out to your company, and when he leaves, he stays with you for a long time? And not only stayed, but also justified your hopes.

And in order to select the most acceptable ones, you need to make sure that there is plenty to choose from. Moreover, with a large margin, tk. screening will occur at all stages. How can this be achieved? It is unlikely that I will open something new for you if I say that there are only a few paths:

But the point is, in my experience, very few companies do the above things effectively.

1. Placement of ads

It happens that they post a vacancy announcement on their website, and they are waiting for something. But that is an extreme case. Where, more often than not, a certain LLC “Horns and Hooves” places a short black-and-white ad in an employment newspaper and / or on a site like and expects crowds of candidates to “cut off their phones” in the hope of getting a job from you.

2. Recruitment agency finance

You can go for recruitment agency finance where you can rely on this finance to make out payments for your employees while you settle payments with your clients. Recruitment invoice finance is very relevant these days because major concern of firms are administrations & cash flows.

3. Calling candidates on their resumes posted on the Internet

This method is worse for the company: from the side of the candidate, the situation looks as if the company needs him more than he needs it. That is, it immediately sets it up in a way that is unfavorable for you.

4. Search among relatives and friends

Find something can and will find. That’s just for you then to disentangle the situation that will develop in the company after the “close” people will work in it. This is intrigue, and gray cardinals, and the impossibility of influencing a person or dismissing him.

5. Head-hunting

Yes, outright poaching of key people can be effective. If you know how to do this, then the recommendations of other businessmen, professional communities, books, articles, conferences can serve you as a good “tip” to the right specialist. But this method is not applicable to ordinary positions: spending time and money is unjustified.

That is, it turns out that the most effective way is to post vacancies and work with the incoming stream of candidates. And you need to learn how to do it correctly!