Fail-Proof Tips to Build Brand Awareness and Increase Customer Engagement

It has been proven that highly engaged customers are more likely to buy. Besides, if your brand meets their needs and expected quality standards, they are also likely to speak up in conversations around your brand or the product category. These amplified voices result in word-of-mouth marketing, which is something that many digital marketing companies need to gain trust among potential customers. 

When brands use customer engagement as a pathway to brand awareness, the value thus results in end-to-end customer satisfaction as they get the best deal possible. So how should one go about increasing customer engagement and creating brand awareness? The essential and common factor here is paying attention to online customers’ behavior. Based on it, here are six tips to you can use to maximize customer engagement.

  1. Start conversations around your brand/products

Use social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to converse with your potential and existing customers. Ask questions; seek feedback via polls and quizzes, pitch to new customers through creative online content—all these are some of the ways to make your brand better known to people and build trust between your company and customers. Eventually, such interactions may lead to sales if the conversations address the implicit or explicit queries of the customers. However, there is a right way to do this. Once you have started conversations through social media, be there to answer the queries and comments of your customers. This is especially important when a customer has shared negative feedback about your product. A brand’s representative should respond to the complaint raised by the customer on any social media platform as quickly as possible. Timely and relevant replies to customers’ questions and concerns add a human touch to the connection between a brand and its customers.

Tip: Always appoint a dedicated and experienced person or a team to handle the social media activities of your brand. For this, you may either hire a social media marketer in-house or connect with a digital marketing company in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida etc .

  1. Follow the four Rs strategy

The four steps—Reward, Recommendation, Rapport, and Relationship can help your brand stay on top of the customers’ minds.

  •  Reward: Giveaways, perks, and rewards programs are a great way to encourage customers’ involvement. Making the customers part of the brand campaign helps build stronger a connection between the company and the customers.
  • Recommendations: Have your brand tested and recommended by influencers and celebrities. Since these are people with hundreds and thousands of followers, collaborating with them to promote your brand is a simple and effective way to garner positive publicity, especially when you are launching a new product or service. However, following an ethical approach, that is getting your product or service promoted based on what it can genuinely offer to your customers is non-negotiable here.
  • Rapport: Build a rapport with your customers by interacting with them regularly. However, do not go overboard and bombard them with messages, emails, or social media campaigns
  •    Relationship: Reach out to your customers and build a relationship with them at various levels and through several channels. This way, you will know your customers’ expectations, feedback, and concerns and you will be able to respond to their needs.

Request for reviews and testimonials

New customers believe the feedback shared by existing customers rather than all the promises made by a brand or a company. That is why top eCommerce sites (the latest addition to the list are Big Basket and and companies request their customers to provide testimonials on their website or app. If you offer outstanding products or services, encourage customers to speak up about it, as it will help improve your brand’s reputation organically. Besides, writing (typing these days) reviews allow customers to express their feelings and experiences and connect to the brand emotionally.

  1. Share relevant and powerful content 

Content is still the king. When you post content that answers the internet users’ possible queries, it may translate to more traffic, and more sales sooner or later. That is why both prominent and upcoming brands are refining their f search engine optimization and social media strategies. This is not the case with just companies based in metropolitan cities but other major cities too. For example, digital marketing companies in Pune have seen a surge in business queries for content. Since most companies now have a website to present products and services to customers, social media integration on their websites is the next step that they are taking to increase user engagement. Remember that content-based digital marketing strategies work best when you post relevant, power-packed, and interactive content. 

All in all, brand awareness leads to better customer engagement, which not only helps build a strong relationship with customers but also makes your sales numbers go up. Building and managing reputation online requires concentrated and consistent efforts, but by following the steps above, you can easily achieve this.