How To Build Quality Backlinks Using Reverse Image Search?

Images are playing vital roles in marking the ranking of websites and web applications. Many professionals used to ignore images in SEO ranking aspects, but they have now proven to be a major part of Google’s SEO ranking factors.

Development of SEO

Previously, Google used to consider only the use of keywords and related text and anchor words to identify the relevance of a topic and used to rank pages having maximum vocabulary related to the topic. but this eventually resulted in the low-quality page being ranked on top as they used to fill their content with only the required keywords even if they make no sense.

Now, the search engine has included user experience in its ranking standards to ensure quality pages float on the top. It now includes clicks, traffic, keywords, image tags, user experience, backlinks, and a long list that goes on and on. 

SEO algorithm crawls through the web analyzing every page and every detail to find the necessary details to rank a page. 

Use of Reverse Image Search Tool

Reverse photo lookup is an online tool that enlists the same images as the input image and finds relevant images from different image search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex, etc. This reverse picture search tool also provides utility for the users to enter image URL or uploading it from their devices. The reverse image search utility will not only enlists the images but relevant links that contain the image. Also, the reverse images are not exactly similar every time. Other than exact copies, it displays other related images that fall on the spectrum too.

This image lookup mechanism can facilitate the owner to find backlinks of your images too. Backlinks are a big source of organic traffic and a big part of SEO’s analysis aspects. Usually, websites share the images and infographics that they find online. Old images are used and reused. Such images build a backlink to the original image website. 

Previously, it was too hectic to find the sites that use your images as there was no technique to do so. Many websites used to steal copyright images from other sites, but it was impossible to find and report them. Reverse image search has enabled people to check the usage of their images.

Because of this advancement, people are now cautious not to steal pictures from other sites, but there is no surety for it. Many platforms now use the backlink strategy to borrow images from other platforms. This does not rise a copyright issue as they mention the source of the image.

Considering the magnitude of your platform, there might be hundreds or thousands of images used. it is not feasible to perform a reverse image search for every image, but you can go for it for featured and important images that might have the chance to be backlinked by other sites.

To ease this process, the hint is to observe the pages with high traffic. These pages usually contain images that are backlinked to other websites, which you can eventually find by going for a reverse image search.

After finding the websites that use your image without backlinks, which in other words can be referred to as steal or copy your proprietary image and post it on their platform, you can request them to provide backlinks for your images. Reverse image search will also give links to the websites that have already provided you backlinks. 

To take full advantage of reverse image search, you may use infographics as much as possible because they are more likely to be reused. You can also study your competitors and the industry toppers to see what kind of posts they need and what kind of visuals are they demanding from other websites. This way, you can upgrade your image collection to fit the patterns of the most used image editor.

This way your image can appear in their image search results and increase the chances of your image being featured. 

Make Images Shareable

Try to make your images shareable. They can then be shared on social media and other platforms which can highly increase your chances of being recognized by industry giants and used on their platforms. But create images that are attractive and informative enough to be shared because reverse image search will result in another ocean of images that somehow fall in the category.

Among these images, your image should be unique enough to cut through them and make its spot on the top. 

Start Email Outreach

Another method is to start an email outreach on different platforms and backlink your image. This also creates several backlinks from various platforms. But it requires effort and investment. If you can adjust it in your budget, then it is a great go-to method as they will eventually be picked up by SEO and can be verified using reverse photo search.


In a nutshell, reverse photo search has proven to be a great hand in generating useful backlinks. They are too important from an SEO point of view as backlinks from trusted sources make your content reliable in the eyes of the search engine.