Budgeting Tips for the Busy Mom

Being busy and being a mum tend to go hand in hand. However, becoming a productive superhero mom takes practice.

It doesn’t matter if you are a stay-at-home mum or a working mum, you are a busy mom either way. It’s like our modern lives ensure the fact we’re busier than ever. But, budgeting can help you stay on top of your game.

1. Why You Need To Start Budgeting

The importance of budgeting cannot be overemphasized simply because it brings so much value to the table. It is so much more than figures, it is about ensuring the safety of your family.

A budget helps you see where you stand. It ensures you will have enough to meet your obligations and cover your needs. It will give you a roadmap to satisfying your wants. It will help you be prepared for emergencies. By shedding light on your bad habits, it will help you become a better version of yourself and improve your quality of life. Over the long run, it will help you prepare for retirement and actually enjoy it after a job well done.

Last but not least, it’s just easier than counting sheep. It also takes the tossing and turning at night out of the equation as you don’t risk missing a sheep and having to start counting all over again. 

2. Budget Management Tips for the Busy Mom

Many people mistakenly associate budgets with frustration and wasted time, when in fact, it does just the opposite. Knowing where you stand financially provides a sense of peace, comfort, and confidence because you can take action to improve it even if it’s bad.

Make an event out of it

Dedicate one meeting per month to set your budget. Review your previous month, what you could have done better and what are your goals for next month.

Make a reward program

To make any habit stick, you need the carrot and stick. To make budgeting work for you, you need the carrot so reward yourself for a job well done. Reward yourself with vacation when you accomplish your savings goal or go to your favorite coffee shop once a week to reward yourself for sticking to your budget for another week.

Put your goals where you can see them

Put photos of your dream house, the shoes you want to buy or the vacation you want to take keep yourself going, and remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Create a vision board that will reflect how will you feel when you reach your financial goals.

3. Budgeting Tips

To begin with, the more detailed your budget is, the better are your odds of succeeding. Beginning with rent, PECO utility expenses, and going all the way to gifts, supplies, speeding tickets, and the extra for the holiday season, every single expense needs to be accounted for.

Do it at your own pace

Even baby steps, when done every day, will get you there eventually. Someone is a Speedy Gonzales and someone is a turtle, each has its own perks and they are both capable of reaching the goal.

Be flexible but consistent 

Unexpected things will come up so you need to be willing to be flexible. Instead of getting angry or frustrated, roll with the punches. All that matters is that you are doing the best you can and to do better next time.

Make savings a priority

As the saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned. Saving is like anything else, it takes practice to get good at it. Start small like drinking your coffee at home instead of a takeaway. Look at every single line of your budget and try to think out of the box by finding a way to reduce each line by 10%. For example, are you getting the cheapest rates from your internet, energy, and cable provider? You could save money from your electricity bill by turning off lights when you leave the room or adding more layers to your clothing during winter before turning up the thermostat.


With a little practice, soon you’ll be handing out tips to other moms who are asking “How you do it?”. Don’t forget to prioritize, organize, diarize, plan and make a routine that will be your rock. Most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself as not everything needs to rest on your shoulders. Multi-tasking is a great skill, but you shouldn’t underestimate delegating and outsourcing either. Factor in everything in your budget which will help you live the life you want. Budgeting means taking life into one’s hands and making it easier, so all you have to do is stick to it. Now go be the super mom you already are!