BTC-Trends Review – What Does BTC-Trends Offers To Its Traders?


BTC-Trends Review

So, you have found your way to this review, which means that you are interested in knowing more about BTC-Trends. We can understand your interest, as we believe that BTC-Trends is one of the best choices out there if you are looking for a reliable broker. With that being said, let us help you understand everything that this broker provides and how it may benefit you in our BTC-Trends review.

Trading platform

When you are looking for a new broker, the first thing that you would normally consider is the trading platform. This makes sense, too, as picking a broker who may have some fantastic features and services but a poor trading platform can potentially ruin your overall trading experience.

This is why we believe that BTC-Trends has provided a platform that can be used by even the most inexperienced of traders. It is incredibly easy to use, and we also think that it looks highly professional. Its sleek appearance is not all that you would be getting, as, through this innovative platform, you would also receive access to all of the broker’s services in an efficient and effective manner.

Account options

The next aspect that must be discussed is that of the different account options that have been provided by BTC-Trends. We know that not all traders would be the same in the context of the budget, risk appetite and overall preference, and so we think that it is great that this broker has offered five different options to choose from regarding the account types.

Firstly, there is the ‘Micro’ account type, which is also the cheapest option. We then have the ‘Bronze’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Gold’ options, respectively, and each option will offer different services based on the level of experience of the trader using the corresponding account type (the cost will also differ). Finally, there is the ‘Platinum’ account option, about which we would recommend that you reach out to the broker itself to find out more. Additionally, each option would require different amounts in terms of minimum deposits, so we would also suggest that you check your budget beforehand.


You will be happy to know that BTC-Trends is one of the safest online brokerages. This is because it readily adheres to all of the Know-Your-Customer as well as Anti-Money Laundering policies. You will, therefore, never need to worry about any type of unsavoury entities becoming involved with BTC-Trends.

Moreover, as per its privacy policy, BTC-Trends shall never disclose your personal and sensitive information to anyone without your consent. This is crucial as the last thing that you would desire is to have such information end up in the wrong hands. BTC-Trends is also very transparent regarding all of its dealings, transactions and processes.


According to the broker’s policy pertaining to withdrawals, the payment order and withdrawal instructions are normally received from the respective customer via the corresponding trading account (which is done for security-related purposes). With that in mind, though, it is possible for the clients to get in touch with BTC-Trends via email, fax, direct call and in-person in order to make a withdrawal request.

Furthermore, when a withdrawal request is made, the broker shall do everything that it can in order to ensure that thorough and rigorous checks are carried out, in addition to making sure that the necessary information and documentation has been provided by the client as well. Lastly, know that at least $50 are required to make a withdrawal request.

Customer support

Getting in touch with the broker’s customer support team could not be any easier. All you have to do is navigate to the site’s ‘Contact Us’ tab, and you will be presented with an online form that you can fill out. Here, you will be asked to enter your email address, full name, subject and a brief message about your issue.

Alternatively, you can also reach out to the customer support team of BTC-Trends via email, direct call and call-back options. Furthermore, you can access the broker’s website in four different languages, namely English, German, Spanish, and Russian.

Final thoughts

Picking an online broker through which you will start your online trading journey is never an easy decision. However, we firmly believe that BTC-Trends is a great choice, and all of the above mentioned information proves this. You can’t go wrong when you pick BTC-Trends, which is exactly why numerous traders from across the globe have either already signed up or are currently in the process of doing just that.