Brussels European Parliament crisis caused by Morocco’s lobbying not Qatar – Moroccogate

Warrant obtained by The Telegraph reveals details of accusations after arrests and a raid on offices in the European Parliament. A former Italian MEP took bribes from Morocco and had a credit card paid for by someone called “The Giant”, investigators probing the case.

The two names investigated by the Belgian justice are now the head of Morocco’s secret services abroad (DGED), Yassine Mansouri, and the agent Belharace Mohamed. Money found at Panzeri’s and Eva Kaili house belong to Morocco’s Brussels embassy

In a photo published at the beginning of May 2017, Pier-Antonio Panzeri, a former MEP; Francesco Giorgi, parliamentary assistant and partner of the former vice president of Parliament Eva Kaili; and Abderrahum Atmoun, Moroccan ambassador to Poland.
This photo confirms the existence of meetings between the detained MEPs and Rabat officials. Now, as Antena 3 reported today, the investigation by the Belgian prosecutor’s office tries to find out how far Moroccan bribes with MEPs went to influence the European Union’s policy in relation to Western Sahara, its management of illegal immigration and trade agreements signed with the EU.

Panzeri’s tenure as MEP (2017 to 2019) focused exclusively on Morocco. The MEP headed the European Parliament Delegation for Relations with the Maghreb Countries (DMAG) and visited Morocco on numerous occasions throughout this period.

He also chaired a parliamentary subcommittee on human rights in 2017 during which Panzeri vigorously “defended” Morocco and “more than once tried to divert attention from potentially sensitive issues” related to the country.
For his part, Abderrahum Atmoun, Rabat’s ambassador to Poland, maintained an excellent relationship with the then Italian Socialist deputy Antonio Panzeri, who is identified in the investigation as the mastermind of the bribery network from Morocco.

According to the first information from the investigation, the money came from someone whom MEPs always called the “giant”. And this enigmatic “giant” was linked to a credit card. That credit card was in the hands of Panzeri’s wife and daughter who used it for their own purchases.

European media such as Politico or Der Spiegel affirm that the Eurowarrant issued by Belgium for the arrest in Italy of Panzeri’s woman and daughter clearly pointed to Morocco .

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