Brow Feathering In Melbourne – What This Procedure Is And How It Works

When it comes to the beauty of eyes and face-framing;eyebrows are the key. But, when your eyebrows start requiring lots of work with gels, pomades and powders in order to maintain, it’s only logical to search for a permanent makeup option – and that option is brow feathering.

Instead of a hectic routine every morning, women can choose to have professional brow feathering in Melbourne. This procedure is highly time-saving, affordable and provides a semi-permanent makeup solution for eyebrows. The obtained results stay waterproof and smudge-proof, which makes them ideal for an active lifestyle.

Before attaining semi-permanent eyebrows, it’s a good idea to know all the facts regarding the safety and effectiveness of this procedure. This article will answer all the burning questions and will make this procedure clearer for any interested individual.

Eyebrow feathering- what is it?

This cosmetic procedure is also called feather touch brows, microfeathering, and feature tattoo brows. It involves the use of a fine blade to design natural-looking individual hairs between the gaps of brow hairs. There is no need to feel scared, as each cut created by the blade don’t penetrate beyond the superficial epidermis layers.

A professional then applies a dye, which gets absorbed. The finished look of the brows projects a natural appeal with a gap-free and semi-permanent shape.

How microfeathering is different from microblading?

On the procedural level, microfeathering and microblading are both similar. However, the difference comes down to the original condition of eyebrows and the final results.

Microblading works best for eyebrows that look over-plucked and/or thin. The process transforms such eyebrows into neatly sculpted arches and provides more fullness.

Microfeathering on the other hand, defines the natural shape of eyebrows by using fine strokes of hair to fill the already available gaps. This allows eyebrows to look ‘fluffier’ with a natural appeal. This process is suitable when a person has decent-looking eyebrows and simply wants to manage the fluffiness.

What is the application process and is it painful?

Experts recommend a person to grow out their eyebrow hair more than usual before going to the first appointment. About a 6-week period is enough time to grow the brow hair to an optimal length. This growth allows a professional to easily perform the procedure.

Having brow feathering in Melbourne will begin with the application of a cream that numbs the area around the eyebrows. This means that an individual doesn’t feel any pain while undergoing this procedure. However, one must be ready to hear the skin scraping sound as the blade creates incisions. The professional eyebrow artist, then, uses a perfect dye colour to match the hair colour on a person’s eyebrows.

The procedure takes place for about 2 hours, during which the professional will create incisions and applies the selected dye on it.
The procedure requires perfection, which is only possible with optimal time.

Who should choose this treatment?

The procedure is useful for everyone looking for a fuller appeal in their eyebrows. However, the application process becomes difficult if a person has oily or sensitive skin. Extreme conditions of oily and sensitive skin can cause blurring or discolouration of the lines created with the feather touch.

However, for people with normal or dry skin, this procedure brings exceptional results. Hence, consulting a specialist is a must to acquire the best possible results.

What about the aftercare?

Withsemi-permanent eyebrows, there is no need to worry about any sort of maintenance after the first seven days of the procedure. During the first week, the skin needs to stay dry and the treated area requires a shield that can soothe the skin. Professionals usually recommend the application of a skin shield every night before going to bed. At the same time, one needs to avoid any skincare product that contains active ingredients for ten days before and after the procedure.

Search online for professional brow feathering in Melbourne and start seeing results today!