Why is the Brother printer showing the connection error?

Brother offers wide printer ranges and is known for its robust interface. These devices are widely preferred as they are budget-friendly. Unlike other printer companies, Brother devices are less costly and provide various functions like fax and scanning. But the user can get issues sometimes while using these printers. 

Reasons behind Brother printer connection error

  1. Damaged connection cable
  2. The router is not working
  3. Brother printer driver gets corrupted
  4. Your printer gets into a runtime error
  5. The firewall is interrupting printer connection

Troubleshooting Brother printer connection error

Restart the Brother printer

When the printer device shows you connection issues, you should check for the runtime error. If the printer unexpectedly shows offline status then the printer is dealing with a runtime error. For fixing the error, you can perform the power restart. The user has to shut down the printer without using the power button. When Brother is ON, remove its power cable. Now, wait until the remaining powers finish. Reconnect the cable and the Brother printer will start automatically. All the printer services will start from the beginning without any runtime error. Now go to the computer and check for the printer connection.

Run the printer troubleshooter

If you are getting the printer error due to unknown causes then try to run the troubleshooter. The printer troubleshooter will inspect all files which can cause printer errors. It fixes the printer errors immediately. Go to the PC and open its Update and Security page. Click on the troubleshooter and select the printer. Choose your Brother printer and run the troubleshooter. Now the troubleshooter will start searching for the files. Wait to complete the repairing process and then check for the printer error. 

Check your connection cable

When the printer is unable to connect, try the Brother scan check connection. Sometimes the cable gets loose and the connection breaks. You have to check the connection cable. Remove the cable and inspect it. Use the cable for connecting other devices. If it can’t connect any device, the cable is faulty. You will require a new cable for the printer. You shouldn’t use the cable with kinks or cuts on the Brother device. If you have a low-speed cable, the printer won’t work correctly. Brother printer requires high-speed cable for better connection. Get a new and high-speed connection cable for the Brother printer.

Inspect your router

When the printer is using the network; you should inspect the router. The printer gets a connection error if the router is not working. Try the phone or laptop with the router. When the router is not connecting with any device then reset it. After resetting the router to default, configure it correctly and then you have to reconnect the printer. Also, check your router for WPS. If the WPS pin is not available on the router, you need a standard connection method. If it has a WPS pin then go to the Brother printer and set it to Wi-Fi connection. When it starts blinking, enable the WPS pin. Now check the printer screen for the network name. Choose your SSID and provide the password. When the printer gets connected, take the configuration printout to inspect SSID and status.

Repair the Brother driver

The user can face a Brother connection error if its driver is not working. Without the printer driver, your printer can’t communicate with the computer. You have to repair the corrupted driver immediately. Go to your computer and search for the Brother driver. Try to update the driver if available. When the driver files are not working, use the repair tool. If you don’t have a driver repair tool, remove the corrupted Brother driver. Delete all its files from the computer and open the Brother website. Check the printer model and search its driver. Now install the new driver and restart the printer. Once your printer finds the correct driver, it will immediately get connected to the PC.

Run the malware scan on PC

PC viruses can also show the printer connection error. Whenever the printer tries to connect, viruses start interrupting it. Your printer can connect only when you remove all the viruses. Use Windows Defenders for removing malware. If you have a personal antivirus, run the system scan and remove all viruses. Now restart the device and try connecting your Brother printer.