Why is the Brother printer not scanning on the computer?

Brother printers are popular as they are available in various models with good multifunctionality. These printer devices are also budget-friendly and have a simple interface. Now you can use your Brother printer for scanning and fax purposes. But few users face scanning issues with Brother devices. When the printer is not scanning, he should inspect the scanner driver.

Reasons behind Brother printer not scanning error

  1. Corrupted scanner driver
  2. The printer is not connected
  3. Invalid printer IP address
  4. The firewall is interrupting scanning service
  5. The control centre is not running

Troubleshooting Brother printer not scanning error

Run scanner troubleshooter 

Whenever your Brother printer is not scanning, you should run the troubleshooter immediately. Windows scanner troubleshooter will repair the corrupted files. Go to the Settings on PC and open the Update and Security page. Choose a troubleshooter and tap on Additional. Now select Scanner and click on Run. The troubleshooter will check all scanner files and repair the corrupted ones. After completing the repairing process, go to Brother printer and try scanning your document.

Restart the Brother printer

The printer stops scanning due to a runtime error. To repair it, the user can restart the printer. Restarting will fix the runtime error and the printer will start working. For a power restart, remove the power cable directly. Now when the user reconnects the power cable all the services will start running from the beginning. Insert the document on the scanner tray and try to get the scan.

Check Brother printer connection

When the scan is not appearing on the monitor, check for the printer connection. Go to PC and check the Brother printer status, if it is offline then check the connection. Remove the printer USB from the PC and check the ends. When the cable is damaged, purchase a new cable for the Brother printer. Now reconnect the printer and check the scanning service. When using the printer on the network, check for the router. Restart the router and WPS pin for printer connection. When the printer is connected correctly, it will start scanning.

Repair the scanner driver

Sometimes the Brother printer is taking the printout but not scanning. When the Brother printer will print but not scan, the user has to check the scanner driver. The scanner driver is outdated or files get corrupted. Open PC and check for the Brother scanner driver. Check if the new update for the scanner driver is available; install a new update on your device. When the files of your scanner driver are corrupted, you should run the driver repair tool. Instead of using a third-party tool, the user can reinstall the scanner driver. Remove the corrupted driver and search the scanner driver for the Brother printer. Install the new driver and check your Brother device for errors.

Use correct IP on the scanner driver

The Brother printer won’t scan if the IP address on the scanner driver is invalid. The user has to set the correct IP for accessing the scanning service on the Brother printer.

  1. Open control panel and search Scanner
  2. Click on View Scanners and Cameras 
  3. Select the Brother printer
  4. Hit on Properties button
  5. On UAC, select Continue and provide an admin password
  6. Hit on Network Settings option
  7. Choose Specify your machine by address

Provide the correct IP and then tap on the OK button. After entering the valid IP, try to scan using the Brother printer.

Disable the firewall temporarily

While using the printer on the network, the firewall can interrupt the process. Sometimes the firewall mistakenly suspects the scanning service as malicious and interrupts the process. For using the scan on the network, disable the firewall. You can disable the firewall from the Control Panel of Windows. 

  1. From Control Panel, choose system & Security
  2. Tap on Windows Firewall
  3. Select Network and Sharing Center
  4. Go to a network location and check the active networks
  5. Reopen control panel and click on Firewall

Disable the firewall on the PC. Some people also have a personal firewall on the security program. Go to the security program’s dashboard and disable the firewall. Now go to the Brother printer and scan the document. After taking the scan, restart the firewall. If the Brother device is still not scanning then check for professional help.