What to do when Brother printer is not scanning?

Brother printers are known for excellent print quality. But you can also use the new printer models for scanning and fax services. The multifunctional printers are a bit costly but the user can use one device for various services. You can access your printer using a wired or wireless connection. But few users get scanning issues with Brother printers.

Reasons behind Brother printer not scanning error

  1. The printer is not connected correctly
  2. The user doesn’t have a scanner driver
  3. A firewall is restricting scanning request
  4. Malware is interrupting the scanning function
  5. Essential printer services are not running

Troubleshooting Brother printer not scanning error

Restart the Brother printer

When the printer is not taking the scan; restart it. Scanning errors appear when the user sends a scan command in the middle of printing. Some printer services may stop working due to immediate changes. The user has to restart the device for running those essential services. Eject the power cable from your printer and reconnect it. Brother printer will start automatically. Place your document on the scanning tray and give the scan command. Go to the PC and check for your scan.

Use troubleshooter

Before searching for other techniques to fix the scanning error; use the troubleshooter. If the scanning error is appearing due to runtime issues then the troubleshooter will repair it. Open the computer and go to the troubleshooter tab. Run the scanner troubleshooter and inspect the error. This utility tool will repair the corrupted scanner files on the device. After repairing those files, you can scan the documents easily.

Fix the scanner driver

Your Brother printer requires a driver for scanning. Brother printer will print but not scan if the scanner driver is corrupted. You have to repair the driver to run the scanner. On PC, open the drivers’ tab and check the Brother scanner driver. You should check the update of the driver. When the scanner driver is corrupted; reinstall it. Remove your corrupted scanner driver from the PC. You can find the scanner driver on Brother’s website. Check Brother printer model and install its scanner driver. Restart your PC to apply scanner driver changes. Connect the printer to the computer and scan the document.

Reconnect Brother printer

You should try reconnecting your device to inspect the scanning error. Sometimes, the printer connection is not established correctly which causes printing and scanning errors. Go to the printer and eject the cable. Don’t connect the cable loosely. If the cable is damaged from any side then replace it. Connect the Brother printer to secure connection only. Enable the WPS pin and then press the printer’s Wi-Fi button. Select your SSID to connect the printer. Now you can scan the document on the Brother system.

Disable your firewall

The user can face-scanning errors due to an active firewall. Using a firewall is necessary to prevent internet threats. But the firewall can also interrupt the printer connection. The firewall creates a layer of protection on the network. When the printer sends a scanning request; the firewall suspects it as malicious. It blocks the request and the printer faces the error message. While using the scan function on the network; disable the firewall. Open the device and go to your firewall. Disable it temporarily and send the scanning command. 

Check the IP address on the scanner driver

The scanner won’t work if the IP address on the driver is incorrect. Open the scanner driver on the PC and inspect the IP.

Search scanner on the control panel

  1. Go to the scanner properties
  2. Tap on view Scanners and Cameras
  3. Select your Scanner
  4. Tap on the Properties button
  5. UAC screen may appear
  6. Tap on Continue
  7. Type the password and tap on Yes
  8. Choose Network settings
  9. Click on Specify your machine by address

Provide the correct IP address and hit the OK button. Once the scanner finds the correct IP, it will start scanning the document.

Check the printer’s IP address

The user must check the printer’s IP address to scan. Go to Brother printer and get a printout of the configuration. You will see the printer’s IP address on the printout. Go to Brother printer and tap on Menu. Tap on print reports and click on Network Config. Hit the OK button and check for the printout. Now use the IP for connecting the printer and then check for errors.