Tips To Check The Ink Level On Popular Printer Brands

Printing without ink is impossible to imagine. But what happens when your printer stops printing or starts producing faded results. This can suffer all your work and replacing cartridge or refilling can create a delay in printed documents. To come out of this issue, it is essential to check your canon ink cartridges or other brand cartridges on time. This will give you enough time to replace or refill the cartridge. 

Many times people found struggling to know ink level checking from the printer. Therefore, we have created this blog to guide for ink level checking tips on the most popular printer brands. 

How to check the ink level in the HP printer?

Here, we have a simple way to check the ink level in the HP printer. Follow these instructions step by step: Check out Sell Toner.

  • Power on your printer.
  • Click on the start button of your connected computer with printer and go to control panel
  • You will see Device and printer settings, click on it
  • A list of multiple functions will appear in front of you, click on ink level
  • You will see, Hp ink and toner level at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you double click on the printer’s icon, you will get additional information about the printer. 

How to check the ink level in Canon Printer?

If you are using canon printer, follow the above guide step by step to reach to ink level:

  • Switch on your printer
  • Go to connected computer start button > click on the control panel
  • Click on “Printer and device” setting feature
  • You will see list of connected HP printer 
  • Right-click on HP printer icon
  • You will get a list of features, click on printer preferences
  • There will another Tab open containing your HP ink level status.
  • You can know HP colored and black ink cartridges status.

How to check the ink level in Fuji Xerox printers?

  • Power on your printer and be sure it must be connected with the system
  • Click on the Start button and then choose control panel
  • Select printer or fax option (option name can vary from window to window) 
  • Double click on the icon you will see printer preference option on the menu option
  • Select “printer preference” you will see a new tab is serving you.
  • It will contain Fuji Xerox ink. 
  • Check and them replace or refill it for the smooth workflow.

How to check ink level in Brother printers?

Ink level for brother printers is checked from its LCD screen. Therefore, follow the below instructions carefully. A single key miss can force you to start again:

  • If you are using Brother MFC-J430W Printer, Power on it
  • Press the “menu” button on the screen
  • Click ok on ink, from list of functions on the screen
  • Double click on down arrow > you will see “ink level” below “test print” and “cleaning function”.
  • Click ok, you will get screen displaying all your Brother ink cartridges level. 

Note: some of the Brother printers show ink level in 10 boxes. If all these boxes are black means there is enough ink in the cartridges or say the cartridge is full. But if it reaches to 2 means only 20% ink left in the cartridge. You need to be ready with a new cartridge or refilling the existing one.  

How to check ink level in Dell printers?

To access ink level in dell printers, here we have simple steps for you: 

  • Click on Start Button and go to the PC control panel
  • Choose view devices and printers’ under hardware and sound setting
  • You will see a printer icon, choose dell printer 
  • Click on the service tab defining ink level in Dell printer
  • You can also conduct a test page to know the true ink level in the dell printer.

Bottom Line

I hope the above information helps you to find the ink level in your printer. Remember, do not forget to check the ink level – once in a week or daily based on printing needs. And always use original ink cartridges. Original cartridges always guide with accurate ink level, where compatible and others lag behind.